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Singapore // Greendot + VegCafe + Sunny Choice

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When I was in Singapore for a couple of weeks I went out to eat so often with my family and friends that I was sick of eating out in the last few days lol ^^; But now that I'm back in Brisbane I miss it!

Feels like I ate out so much more often in SG in the 2.5 weeks than 1.5 years in BNE hahaha. So I'm doing these posts in the travel format that because going back to SG definitely felt like a vacation! 

I guess the theme of this post is local food... cafes(?)

Green Dot
The first outside food I had was at Green Dot at Star Vista! The mushroom hotpot set ($35.90) was kinda pricey and maybe the bento set that others were eating was more worth it? We had the laksa base which is the only vegan one - it was quite rich! When they refilled the laksa soup we got a lot more taupok than we were initially served. The sesame rice (the one that looks white) tastes just like chicken rice and it was so yummy! Rice portion is kinda small though :( Also the cabbage stem pieces in the laksa soup were way too big which made it hard to eat. Next time I'll just stick to the bento sets haha

Greendot @ Star Vista 
1 Vista Exchange Green Star Vista #01-33, Singapore 138617
Open daily 11am-10pm

VegCafe is fully vegan and their food is quite affordable! We shared Spaghetti Mee Rebus ($7.90), Sambal Tempeh Rice ($8.90), Rojak ($5.50) and Avocado Soya Smoothie ($6.00). My fave here would be the mee rebus - usually I don't like it because the soup is so slimy but this wasn't as slimy haha. Also spaghetti is a surprisingly good replacement for yellow noodles!

73 Circular Rd, #01-01, Singapore 049427
Mon-Thurs 10.30am-9pm
Fri-Sat 10.30am-10pm

Sunny Choice 
Sunny Choice has been around for years but it's my first time there! We ate at the Bukit Merah branch which is near IKEA Alexandra. We had Thunder Tea Rice ($8.50), Bibimbap ($8.50), Abacus ($7.00), Vegetable Sushi ($7.00) and Super C Rosella drink ($3.50). The thunder tea rice soup is much thicker than any I've ever had before! The sauce with the veggie sushi is wasabi mixed with water, which sounds odd but it made it easier to dip. I loved the abacus the most omg it was so soft and chewy!!

Block 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-158, Singapore 150125
Open Mon-Sat 10am-3pm

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