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Hi! I'm Serene. ☺ I enjoy cooking, and of course eating too! Kinda amateurish at cooking (I started less than 2 years ago), but here is where I share my recipes (and perhaps some random stuff) - hopefully they'll be of some use to you! :) And actually it's my first time trying out quite a few of them.. So I'm cooking, eating, learning & improving! Oh, and more about me: I'm 18, studying Nutrition, Health and Wellness at Singapore Polytechnic, and I hope to be a dietician next time. ☺ I started becoming a vegetarian over a year ago and I would consider myself a vegan now - except for the very rare occasions when I'm eating out and there's no choice.. I'm the only vegan/vegetarian in my family too.
I'll be starting off with compilations of past recipes & photos. Comments and suggestions are much welcomed; follow me on Instagram (where I also post my recipes) if you'd like! ♡

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Now following :) (via bloglovin)