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The Living Cafe @ Bukit Timah

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The Living Cafe is a restaurant at Bukit Timah Road, and though it serves vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes, it specialises in raw food! ☺ Whenever I visit this restaurant I'll choose to have something raw, since such food is rarely found in other restaurants. Also, the raw dishes are somewhat lighter, leaving more room for the wide array of raw desserts! ☺

I've been here three times, the first time was nearly 4 months ago and the last time was yesterday, for dinner! The menu has changed quite a bit, and so has the cakes... More on that later!

Edit: For an updated post on TLC, view this.

The first time I went was with my mum, for lunch! ☺ This is the Raw Zucchini Lasagna ($12.00), and it's really super yummy - my favourite out of these three. It's made of zucchini and tomato slices, layered with marinara sauce, raw mayo, pesto, and a 'cheezy' sauce. It's like, you won't believe that the marinara sauce is raw. So flavourful and savoury! Really must try to recreate this someday.

The BLT Sandwich (with the B being eggplant bacon) was not bad too. It wasn't as dry as it looks! Though the side salad could've been less oily and the wilted leaves could've been removed.

The Raw Jicama Rice Nori Roll was yummy! Jicama is turnip, by the way. It was light, crunchy and refreshing, and you can really taste the sweetness of the veggies!

And now for the desserts! ☺ This is the Strawberry Mocha Mousse Cake ($8.50), and it's super yummy! Usually I don't like strawberry flavoured foods, but this was so good because it's competely real, nothing artificial! The base had fig, dates and nuts (I think) and I love the texture of the fig seeds!

We also shared the Mocha Mint Slice ($5.00, if I remember correctly), and a Coconut Raspberry Cookie. The mocha mint slice was actually good, despite the ugly green colour! I was expecting something toothpaste-y but it totally wasn't! (It's changed quite a bit over these few months!) The cookie was not bad too, especially if you like coconut. The red stuff on top are sour raspberry granules or something, yum!

Both of the cakes look like such small pieces but they're really rich, fudgey, creamy, dense and sweet! It's probably difficult for you to finish a slice by yourself!

Then I went back for lunch with some of my friends a couple of weeks ago. The menu was quite limited then, and we were told that the following week there'll be a new menu!
I was hoping to get the Raw Zucchini Lasagne, but it wasn't on the menu. So instead, I got the Living Salad (raw), which had quite a yummy avocado & tahini dressing, but was kinda pricey ($15.00). Those are raw flax crackers, which are more chewy than crunchy, but I like the texture!

top view~

We also shared some raw desserts (of course, how can anyone visit TLC without having dessert?). This is the Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart. It was really rich and creamy! The crust is made of coconut, and it was chewy and flakey.

This is the Mocha Mint Slice! It's appearance has improved tremendously, hasn't it?! It was even yummier than before! Perhaps because you eat with your eyes first. But when I went back yesterday it was back to the ugly green o_o

 I can't remember the name of this exactly, but I'm guessing, Raw Orange Chocolate Cake? I've never liked orange and chocolate together and always find that it's a weird combination, but this tasted heavenly! Sweet with a slight orange tangy-ness at the orange layer, and rich, very-slightly bitter chocolate layer! 

We shared the Raw Guacamole with Flaxseed Chips ($6.00). The same chips as in my Living salad!

The Raw Gazpacho Soup ($8.00) that my friend had. She didn't really like it! The raw taste was quite strong (even for me!) and it was quite bland. But it was kinda refreshing and it'll be good paired with something heavier!

Another friend had this, the Raw TLC Burger. The patty is made of mushrooms, walnuts, sunflower seeds and oats, with sprouts and a cheezy sauce, wraped in a lettuce 'bun'. The texture was interesting - chewy and firm.

Had dinner there yesterday with my friend, Ee Rong. I had the Raw TLC Burger ($15.00). The menu was sadly still quite limited, and I've got no idea why!
Anyway, if you follow my Instagram, I'm doing a 801010 Raw Vegan Week (it's currently the 4th day). So I had to choose something raw. This meal didn't really fit exactly into 801010, but on average I'm still within the recommended limits for fat and protein! I'll share more about this perhaps at the end of this week. So far it's going great! ☺☺☺

The texture was different from the previous time I tried it - it was crunchy! Has it been dehydrated too long? LOL. Despite the weird texture, the taste was not bad, and it wasn't too salty.

My friend had this, and she said that it was yummy! ☺ And it was too much for her to finish. Shall try this next time!

We shared these raw desserts - Raw Blueberry Cheesecake ($8.50) and Raw Key Lime Pie ($8.50).

The Key Lime Pie was sweet with a slight sourness. If you notice, it has lots more 'holes' that the cakes in previous photos! Somehow, it's not as firm or as creamy as before. I'm guessing this is because they added psyllium husk? It's much more fluffy and light. I miss the creamy, dense texture, but I think this lowers the fat content of the cakes. All the better for 801010ers, right? ^^ 

Same here for the Blueberry Cheesecake. It was even more fluffy and airy! It was yummy, with a distinct blueberry taste. Both have a coconut base, which was crumbly. I prefer the fig base though!

Overall, The Living Cafe is a nice restaurant and a great place to go to if you've never tried raw vegan food! Make sure to leave room for some of their lovely desserts! For the best photos, come before dinnertime, because the brown tables look quite ugly in the dark...
The Living Cafe
779 Bukit Timah Rd, 269758
Phone: 6762 8029
Hours: 8.30am - 10.00 pm, except on Sundays (closes at 9.00 pm)

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