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Greenzilla @ Star Vista [CLOSED]

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Greenzilla is a new vegetarian cafe at Star Vista! I went with mum today for lunch. It's actually more of a fast food stand and not a cafe as I expected it to be. It's a tiny 'island' with a small seating space near the counter!

They mainly sell handmade burgers ($5.90 each, served with non-vegan coleslaw), with an option of a set meal ($11.90) which comes with a salad and a drink. As you can see they've different buns for every burger! How interesting :)

It seems like the salad is different for each burger set. They have their salad ingredients pre-chopped and displayed in the glass case.

Mum and I shared a Tofu Fusion Burger Set and a Spices Underground Burger ala carte. They've a variety different sauces, but only the BBQ sauce is vegan, so we had that for both burgers. I wanted to get the Minizilla Set, which has 3 mini burgers (Tofu Fusion, Herbshrooms, Royal Mushroom) but sadly they were out of the mini buns. Oh well, that's a good reason for me to go back! :)
We had it take-away, because I find sitting at the counter very odd and lacking in privacy. It's also kinda dimly-lit there (or at least at that time it was) and the table is green. So it's not very good to take pictures. Yes I'm picky about this. :x We brought it to the food court to eat.
The packaging is really of good quality; I love the prints and the font, and that the name of the burger is on the box! :) Though it's really kinda a waste, for the burger has a wrapper too! :/

There's a few drinks you can choose for the set. They're all kinda healthier than soft drinks usually sold at fast food joints! I got this Sparkling Organic Blood Orange Juice Drink. I'm a sucker for glass bottles. It just makes everything more... high-class? Haha. (I kept it though I don't know what to do with it since the opening is too small for smoothies or fruit. :x )

Tofu Fusion Burger in the foreground and Spices Underground Burger in the background (comes with non-vegan coleslaw).

This is the Spices Underground Burger. The patty is made of 'smashed roots vegetable fiber and soy' and it comes on a wholemeal bun. This was quite yummy! It was supposed to have some (non-vegan) creamy sauce but it's replaced with BBQ sauce. Actually I can't quite tell if I'm tasting the sauce or the patty (I don't have very discerning tastebuds). But I liked the soft, chewy texture and it was flavourful!

The bun was soft and fluffy, which I guess appeals to the masses since bakery buns are like that too. But I prefer it to be... harder and crispier? Probably because I like bread crusts and refrigerated bread! Lols. I think toasting the buns will make it better! :) I wonder if we can request for that.

This is the Tofu Fusion burger, where the patty is a bean curd marinated overnight in different herbs. It comes with a very interesting looking charcoal bun (it tasted normal), and BBQ sauce. I took this after mum had a couple of bites lols. I think the tofu was a bit too small for the bun!
Both mum & I prefer the Spices Underground Burger more than the Tofu Fusion Burger! I would've loved it if there was much more veggies in the burger!!

Sparkling Organic Blood Orange Juice Drink. Though it has no sugar added, it's sweetened with fruit juice concentrates so I wouldn't exactly consider it healthy. But it was yummy! Not too sweet, with a slight bitterness. :)

This is the fruit salad that comes with the Tofu Fusion Burger. It has dragonfruit, pineapple, strawberries, honeydew, apple, guava, alfalfa and coral lettuce. The dressing is non-vegan thousand island, by the way. They've also have a vegan sesame dressing but I'm not sure why we weren't served that! The fruits are mostly quite fresh, and the veggies weren't limp or wilty, despite being kept in that glass case. :) But the apples are soaked in salt water and tasted quite salty. :x Lemon juice would've been better!
In all, I find that the food at Greenzilla is not bad in taste and affordability, and I'd definitely go back to try the Minizilla Set! :)
I think Greenzilla is the last veg eatery in Star Vista, now that Frunatic has moved out (not closed down though, phew!) and the Jelina Vegetable Garden (?) stall in the food court has closed ;_; (and I've only found out about it today; they've got other outlets though). Mum says that it's because I've had most of my meals at home and didn't go and support them LOL.
The Star Vista (beside Buona Vista MRT)
1 Vista Green Exchange, Singapore 138617
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 10am-10pm
Another Outlet:
Block 221 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore (601221)

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