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Winter-y Oat Parfait & Fruit Skewers

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Okay, I have to admit, I had no idea what to call this.
And I might have gone a little overboard with the overlays again. :x

A parfait made with persimmon puree, dragonfruit pudding, strawberry slices, chocolate banana sauce and rolled oats, topped with raspberry-vanilla whipped tofu cream. Okay. Not winter-y at all. It doesn't even have peppermint! But I shall be thick-skinned and stick with this name.

 Loved the consistency of the 'whipped tofu cream' - it's made of soft firm (yes, that's not contradictory in the world of tofu) tofu/beancurd, pureed with 1/2 tsp vanilla essence and sweetener to taste (I recommend at least 2 tsp). Then, I divided it into half and stirred in frozen raspberry bits in to one part.
Note: this is not recommended if you hate the taste of tofu or soy! I use firm tofu here so that it'll be able to keep it's shape when piped, but usually I use silken tofu - for my tofu mousse - which doesn't have that much of a strong taste (in fact it tastes fine plain, without a sweetener).
It looks like this with minimal editing. You can see the slight colour difference but it isn't really prominent! :( So I drizzled on some raspberry juice. I'll try it again next time! Perhaps with something that'll be more prominent - cacao, matcha, black sesame maybe?
Drizzled some of the remaining chocolate banana sauce on the fruit skewers.
This is making me hungry!

If only it snowed in Singapore...
Have a great Wednesday! :)

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  1. Just wondering. you finish all these alone? look so yummy . if i made this i wont bear to eat it hahaha

    1. Haha yes! Though I left the fruit skewers for a while later because the parfait was sooo filling! Thank you!! :)