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2013 - A Year in Review

By 10:02

There's less than 24 hours left of 2013; oh how time flies!

I must say that it's been quite an eventful year, in terms of learning new things and widening my social circle!

Here's an overview of that 2013 brought:

  • I went to my first three vegan potlucks (in June, Nov and Dec) and met so many vegans and vegetarians, including some of those I've known from Instagram!
  • I ate raw vegan 801010 for two weeks (in Sept and Dec), including a 3-day Banana Island. I used to think that carbs were 'bad', calories in must be equal to calories out, that I'd never be able to eat raw or do Banana Island (during which I realised that the possibility of me having nice abs is not that unrealistic LOL), given the circumstances (of my parents fear of & disgust towards raw food), but all these has changed! I believe that if I get my own house next time, I'll be 801010 and raw.
  • I started this blog in June. Thank you everyone for reading! :')
  • I realised that my weight will always fluctuate and that I'll probably fret about it and my outer appearance for the rest of my life. I try my best not too but I'll always go back and forth between why does it even matter? to I need slimmer legs & a flatter tummy! :( I've still got some way to go before embracing myself and my flaws and all.
  • I went to Bangkok for a few days in October! My first time there and also my best shopping trip ever! :) Plus the vegetarian festival food was so good.
  • I crossed the 10K mark on Instagram and got over 1K likes on some photos. Thank you!! :')
  • My period came by itself, without pills, for the first time in a couple of years! It started during my first raw vegan 801010 week.
  • My hair is the longest it's been in forever - it reaches to my waist! (I'm still undecided whether to cut it.)
  • I think I've not been very optimistic this year. I used to ask myself occasionally if 'life is good', and the answer used to be 'yes'. But for quite some time now it's been 'no' :( I guess the future feels uncertain and there's not much to look forward to. And I feel lonely more often now sigh.
  • I stared going for Bikram Yoga classes (at Harbourfront Centre) with my mum! We only go once a week though, so the benefits aren't that obvious :x But I do feel more flexible!
  • My stomach capacity has expanded. I look back at old Instagram pics to find that I used to eat so little!
  • I feel that my reason for going vegan is more and more so for the animals, as opposed to health! Which brings something else to mind: I've wondered if I made the right choice by choosing to study at a Polytechnic (partly because the nutrition that's taught goes against what I know to be right) but then I realised that if I were to go to a Junior College, I'd probably never have become vegetarian in the first place - since I did the research & made the transition in the first couple of months of 2012 (after JC school term starts but before Poly begins)!
  • I got myself a blender! It's no Vitamix, but it does the job :)
  • I feel that I've improved in procrastinating T.T this is bad.
  • I learnt that you can get 112 bananas for $25, medium-sized papayas at $1 each, and a laptop from a reliable brand at $699. o_o
  • ...If you think that these points are superficial, it's because... my thoughts are more or less like these. I think I don't fully understand myself or I can't express myself well.

Also I've realised that Instagram isn't as attractive to me now as it was months back. Perhaps this feeling is partially fueled by the fact that the number of likes on my photos have been decreasing in the past couple of months or so - and I have no idea why. And yet, this probably isn't the main reason, because I've decided that I should just post what I like and not for the sake of getting likes. Previously Instagramming was a hobby, and a very enjoyable and fulfilling one at that! Who would've thought that one social media app can connect me to so many people (especially vegans) worldwide and in Singapore? However, now I've finally realised why some people would quit Ig - and I'm referring to a few people that I was puzzled to find was deleting their quite-successful food accounts during my earlier days on Ig. I guess the reasons would be that:
(1) I can live without it - I've not instagrammed for 5 days straight. I can eat breakfast without taking a photo of it! Haha just kidding. It seems like not a big deal but I never go this long without posting (unless its exam period), plus I've got un-posted pics in my phone.
(2) It just doesn't interest me or hold such a great importance to me as much now. I've found the vegans in Singapore, made new friends and tried new things (the most recent one being Banana Island). Ig was a source of support (and it still is), and now I can say for sure that my vegan lifestyle is stable. Comfortable.
However, now that I've got 14k followers, I feel a kind of responsibility to keep on posting. (And yet, judging by the number of likes I get, the (perceived) responsibility isn't that great). Ah well, I'm not about to quit Instagram anytime soon! I love the community and friends I've made there! :)

Some of the more recent Instagram posts I didn't blog about: 

This was from my 801010 Raw Week! Which I didn't do and ending post like I did last time :x
This is a Neapolitan-inspired 'Ice-cream' cake! Made with 4 bananas, frozen overnight. 
Bottom layer: banana + a bit of lemon juice (to keep from browning)
Middle layer: banana + beetroot (instead of strawberry because I wanted to follow the rules of food combining)
Top layer: banana + raw carob (which is something like cacao but caffeine & fat free)

1 honeydew melon. 

A large salad with a yummy, sweet lemon tahini sauce (juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 tbsp raw tahini, 2 medjool dates).

4 super sweet persimmons!

The rest are just random ones, from more-to-less recent:

Chrismassy Persimmon Oat bars topped with avocado mousse/ persimmon puree/ tahini drizzle.

Christmas-tree Inspired Parfait. Kinda ^^

Oil-free - I coated them in chocolate banana ganache (1 really ripe medium banana + 3 tbsp raw carob) before freezing.

Papaya fruit bowls!

A Tree for Breakfast.

The stuff in the squash is a wakame-mushroom soup that I baked together with the squash!

I baked a tortilla wrap into a bowl for this.

That's cacao-banana sauce you see on top.

Currently eating some homemade Chocolate PB Banana cups that I forgot about in the back of my freezer. *bliss*

And now for my New Year's Resolutions. I never do them but I guess its good to have goals for the year ahead!
1. Be more confident.
2. Stop procrastinating.
3. Get my parents to embrace vegetarianism - even once a week is good enough!

I hope that 2013 has been good for you, here's to a great 2014 ahead! 

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  1. Hi Say Yian. We all feel uncertain about the future, and everything else. But don't fret, when we worry too much, we make ourselves unhappy with the process.
    Also, don't feel lonely. <3
    I'm here!!!!! And I still support all your beautiful ideas of being vegan and going vegan.
    Thanks for giving me so many health tips too. Love your blog, and your ideas.
    Here's to 2014 and the years to come!