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Roti - Alkas Kitchen @ West Coast Plaza

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Roti-Alkas Kitchen is a fully vegetarian North Indian restaurant that's newly opened at West Coast Plaza! I heard lotsa good reviews about how the food (especially the wraps!) is authentic and wholesome, plus I love Indian food and it's located near the area I live!

West Coast Plaza used to be a horrible vegan/vegetarian-unfriendly place, but with the opening of Real Food and now this restaurant, I can see myself going there more often! 

So when I saw this I really wanted to go, and brought my parents with me.

We got the 3-course option for the set meal. I made the orders and filling up three forms was confusing lols. I had no clue what half of the items were, so I just randomly picked those that were marked with 'V' on the menu! I LOVE that vegan items are clearly marked!

And then we waited a while in anticipation of the interesting food that'll be served to us.

The first items that came was the Clear Vegetable Soup on the left, and the Manchow Soup on the right. The clear veggie soup was alright, I liked that the veggies were of a substantial amount and there wasn't oil on the surface of the soup. 
On the other hand, the Manchow soup... could be the weirdest soup I've ever tried! As quotes from Wiki: Manchow soup is a soup popular in Indian Chinese cuisine due to its ease of preparation and hot spicy taste. This version wasn't really spicy, but it was kinda peppery. It's quite thick and starchy, with squares of noodles in it. 

Next came the Lentil Soup - surprisingly, there were no lentils in the soup at all! Despite so, the flavour was not bad. I think it's on par with the clear veggie soup.

And then came this! This is Bhel Puri: puffed rice, vegetables & a tangy tamarind sauce (as taken from their menu). It looks scary and maggot-y. But it was surprisingly quite good!! The puffed rice crackled and popped ooh. There were potatoes and onions, and maybe more but I can't remember. I love the sauce! :)

This is Pani Puri: sweet, sour and spicy syrup with vegetables in wheat puffs. It's supposedly the equivalent (appetizer) of the Bhel Puri, but portion size is much smaller! Perhaps it takes more work to prepare the delicate egg-shaped puffs.

It's filled with puffs (of I-don't-know-what) and potatoes.

Now for the main course.
This is Fried Rice with Manchurian. The portion size was incredibly generous! And I love that it's made with basmati rice - they're nearly as long as noodles lols. This looks simple but it was super fragrant, fluffy, not greasy, and delicious. Perhaps the best fried rice I've had ever! Just thinking of it makes my mouth water!
On and this came with 'Manchurian', which refers to a bowl of Manchurian soup, which I believe means the same as Manchow soup. It's similar to the previous one but slightly greener. I think I don't really like Manchurian soup. o_o It goes fine when drizzled on the rice though!

And then came their specialty dish - the Roti Wraps! It's much flatter than what I see in other people's photos though lols. But still, it's quite a big portion!

We ordered the Mock Meat wrap and the Vegetarian Kebab wrap. I can't remember which is which though!

I think that this is the mock meat wrap. This was yummy! I liked the texture of the mock meat, and fillings were generous. It had the right amount of sauce too.

The other one, the vegetarian kebab wrap, was slightly drier. This one had pieces of fried-fish looking things, but they texture was like a dry-ish cross between potato and fish. Hmm. I prefer the previous one! 

And this is dessert! Suji Halwa. We were surprised to find something warm and savoury served to us! Chef Alka kindly came and asked if we've enjoyed the meal (we did! :) ) and explained to us what we've just ordered. Haha. It's a type of wheat that's been roasted and cooked over a hot pan (if I remember correctly). How interesting! Those white chunks are nuts by they way (they look like garlic cloves). I think this would top my list of Most Intriguing Desserts of 2013. Or maybe forever. Lols. ^^

Seeing as how the portion sizes were so generous, we were stuffed (or at least I was) and we had 3 parts of the wrap (equivalent to one wrap) as take-away! I had it for breakfast the next day yum. (It's kinda squashed and became even flatter lols.)

I like how the concept of this restaurant is a healthier version of North Indian delicacies (as explained to us by the Boss, I think. He was nice, when he found out that I was vegan he went to the kitchen to make sure that the food prepared was suitable). This is evident from the whole wheat wraps, the non-greasy fried rice, the oil-less soups, the no-MSG policy, and of course the no-meat policy. And despite the fact that the restaurant isn't beautifully furnished, you can tell that there's lots of sincerity put into making the food! Plus with such generous portions what's there to complain? :)

I'll definitely visit Roti - Alkas Kitchen more, to try out more of the wonderful and intriguing food it has to offer! There's still 3 days left of the 'Christmas Meal' offer, so why not head down to try it! :)

Roti - Alka's Kitchen
#B1-22/23, West Coast Plaza
154, West Coast Road
Singapore 127371
Tel: +65 6774 0422

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