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$2.30 Vegetarian Stall @ Albert Food Centre (Bugis)

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I have no idea what's the actual name of this stall, but it's one of the two vegetarian stalls at Albert Food Centre (behind Bugis Street). There's always quite a long queue! Probably because it's so affordable and there's quite a large selection of food.

It costs $2.30 for white rice and any 3 dishes, or $2.80 for brown rice/bee hoon instead of white rice. I've only had the brown rice, and the portion is reasonable. And the rice is completely brown (not like a mix of brown and white). ^^

EDIT: Note that a few items (probably those on the top shelf) cost a little extra eg. fried spring rolls. 

There's like three rows of food, the one at the top (the fried stuff) isn't in the picture. It's more or less the same items every day. 

This first time I ate here, I had pumpkin, a veg fishcake thing and bittergourd. I really like the pumpkin because there's hardly any oil or salt! :)

I chose the fishcake thing because I thought it was tofu. -_- Then I learn from my mum that vegetarian stalls usually only have deep-fried tofu at the upper level. Oh well, this tasted not bad.

As you can see, I don't have much experience buying from vegetarian stalls. (Or any hawker food stalls for that matter lols.) Even in school, I've only been to one vegetarian stall once. Because I've always brought my own food. And that's because veg food tends to be oily and unhealthy, somewhat pricey, and not every foodcourt in school has a stall.

But now that it's possible to find not-that-oily food that's kinda cheap and convenient, I don't really pack lunch to work anymore. Yeah I know I mentioned before that I would. :x

And yet I feel that I'm getting too used to having added salt in my food. Eating out 6-7 times a week now (as compared to eating out ~2 times a week for the most part of the last few years), coupled with a sedentary job isn't doing wonders for my body. Lols.

Okay I shall pack lunch to work! Perhaps I'll do some weekly meal prep so that I won't need to wake up so early to cook.

Yes those last few paragraphs was me convincing myself to pack lunch. Okay, I've digressed too much - back to the food!

This time I chose cabbage curry, some mock meat and a veggie that I can't identify - kangkong? After any low-salt, low-oil starchy veggie (which is the pumpkin), my second favourite thing to order is the cabbage curry! Because CURRY. 

This mock meat is not bad too! It's spicy and the texture is chewy.

Here there's the pumpkin, fishcake and ladyfingers. I stick to the same few things because I stay away from the oily items (such as brinjal which soaks up oil like a sponge) and fried stuff.

I don't often feel completely full after this (because big appetite) so I get a drink/share a dessert. Lunch adds up to just below $4. Which is not very cheap but reasonable. (I feel that $4 and above is too much to spend daily on food at a hawker centre heh #cheapo #thrifty)

Cabbage, the spicy mock meat from earlier, and potato curry.

I'm so glad that my internship place is at Bugis, since there's lotsa vegetarian food around (though not at Bugis Junction's foodcourt)! I've not been to Fortune Centre during lunch though, because it's kinda far and lunch is only 1 hour. Oh well. I'm gonna be bringing lunch to work anyway! Hehe

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