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DIY Christmas Gifts: Chocolate Pistachio Cake Squares in Jars ♡

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I made these for my friends and gave it to them on Friday! :)

This uses the Easy Peasy Vegan Chocolate Muffin Recipe (unhealthy version). Halved the ingredients and added chopped pistachios (both mixed into the batter and on top) and dark chocolate.

Baked the same cake thrice last week, but it wasn't a chore because it's a easy and quick recipe!
Plus I get to lick the batter off the spatula when I'm done heh.

Sarasa black pen & Lyra Dobble markers on Daiso tracing paper.

Cut the cake into squares to fit into the jars! 

Red & white twine from IKEA. Get jars from me here (Singapore only).

I actually intended to make cookies with the batter but I ADDED TOO MUCH WATER :( So I baked it as a cake instead!

Burnt the too-flat cookies a bit oops. Slightly chaota and a bit too crunchy haha. I'll try cookies with this batter again next time! 100% sure that they're great as cookies.

My friends call them brownies but are they really? Haha. The recipe is so versatile - it makes whole cakes, muffins, cookies and maybe-brownies.

Okay the squares didn't fit into the jars very well - each jar only holds 3 squares hehe. I packed the extras and the cookies into ziploc bags to give my friends too. 

Cutting the cake into circles will be better, but then there'll be lotsa extra cake bits. Maybe baking the cakes in the jars is the best!!

Here's a pie-in-a-jar recipe if your interested in jar baking!

Meh-rry Christmas!

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