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Seasonal Salad Bar Buffet @ Kent Ridge

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On Saturday, my family went to have a Mother's Day lunch at One@KentRidge! ^^

Mum & I had the Salad Bar Meal while Dad ordered a main. It's kinda pricey (there's service charge and GST), but there was quite a reasonable selection of food! The difference between lunch and dinner is that there's dessert at dinner. 

For free-flow drinks, you'll need to top up $3.50 (I think?). And water is chargeable at $0.50.

UPDATE (Nov 2014): Prices are different now!!

The menu was a festive menu, and I was like "Huh? What festival is it?"
Lols it's because it's the Mother's Day weekend.

The spread.

Other than salad and fruit, there's also pasta (with tomato basil sauce), soup (cream of mushroom & minestrone) and ice cream.

It's quite a quiet restaurant! We were seated at a booth near the window, and the lighting was GOOD. ^^

Interesting article on the table. Probably to support why they're a salad restaurant (ordering other mains also gives you access to the buffet).

Somehow it mentions that 'protective effects of fruit extend to fresh and dried fruit, but not frozen or tinned fruit, which actually increased risk of death by an alarming 17%'. O_o I'm not buying it. I understand the tinned food part, but flash frozen fruits have an equal (or sometimes higher) amount of nutrients as fresh fruits. PLUS this article fails to mention MEAT. Lols maybe meat-related articles were not shown (by the restaurant) because it might discourage people from ordering the mains.

This side of the salad bar mostly has whole, unprocessed veggies.

This side has canned veggies and 'compound salads' (as mentioned in the menu). All of the compound salads were not vegan, I believe. I almost took something because the chicken cubes looks so much like tofu. And another one had tiny slithers of shrimp which I nearly missed seeing. BE CAREFUL.

We saw this and we were fascinated! WOW. So now I know what they look like. 

The texture is more crunchy and juicy, and it's less sweet. Dad LOVED it and preferred it over dried dates. He even went to ask the manager (I think; he asked Dad to eat as much as he wanted haha) about where to buy it, but unfortunately it's not sold outside. I prefer dried medjool dates though, especially those huge, soft ones from Mustafa, because they're sweeter and chewier! I must buy more soon!!!

I started with the fruits! Because it was just after a class of Bikram yoga and I was thirsty. That's such a mouthwatering pile of watermelon!!!

This would be my favourite restaurant ever if they had MANGOES.

The fruit was good (as they naturally are). The kiwi wasn't ripe enough though. I believe the fruit on the very left is cantaloupe - the yellow-skinned melon - and I've not had that in ages!!

This is what a fresh date looks like inside.

There was also this random toppings + corn chips bar. 

I liked that the broccoli was just lightly steamed and had lotsa crunch! The salsa was spicy and delicious too.

The corn chips go so well with the salsa!

Here I have: corn, kidney beans, chickpeas, carrot, black fungus (they are kinda garlicky), snap peas, corn chips, salsa, string beans, roasted pumpkin, asparagus and mixed greens. 

I love that nothing was oily, not even the roasted pumpkin. :)

This is such a pretty photo. Such wonderful lighting!!

Overall, despite being somewhat pricey, this salad bar buffet provides lotsa healthy (and vegan, and raw) options, and you'll probably not meet much resistance if you're dining with meat-eaters. Plus it's quite ulu and will probably not be crowded. ^^

Open Daily
11.00am - 10.00pm
1 Lower Kent Road
#04-18/19/20 One@KentRidge (accessible via Kent Ridge MRT)
Singapore 119082
Tel: 6724 2652

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  1. Haha I wanted to try this place out but it's really too pricey!

    1. Oh i see! Haha. :x I think it's cheaper on the weekdays though!

  2. Thanks for the review.
    The pictures looks great & the "dates" so big ...hahha...cute !