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The Month of August

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Sorry that I haven't been posting! Such a busy month this was. It was mostly taken up by exams. Sigh. For some reason my studying isn't that efficient anymore. Home used to be such a good place to study but now I just get so distracted. ☹ It's as if it's worn out. Or I'm worn out. Burnout? And my GPA most likely can't maintain. Not that I have that kinda motivation or such expectations of myself anymore. And I hate presentations. My presentation skills have been worsening, I feel. Oh well. Let this 6 week holiday be enough to refresh and relax! Though there's something I dread coming up soon ._.
On a lighter note, VeganMoFo 2013 begins in 2 days! If you don't know what it is, it stands for Vegan Month of Food and it's held once a year, on a different month every year.  Luckily it falls on the holidays! ☺Actually I was quite excited for it but now it kinda feels daunting. It's my first time taking part! Participants are encouraged to post 5 times each week. Which is a lot ._. And I don't even know how it works, exactly. Nor do I know whether I've registered my RSS feed correctly (what is RSS even?).. So hopefully all goes well and I'm in the blog roll.
Oh and I didn't choose a theme, because I couldn't think of any. However I plan on doing a 7 or 10 day raw food challenge, where I'll be 100% raw of course! I've been wanting to do this since a year ago.. But I shall do it this month!! My parents will object (..nutritional imbalance?..why are you eating so much? time cannot have babies how?..etc etc), but I'll persuade them. Actually, even if they aren't convinced it doesn't matter because I prepare all my food by myself anyway. ☺
Also, I've gained more weight, and my percentage body fat has increased. ~.~ What I've just measured (I've got an Omron Karada Scan at home) is 23.7%. Usually its about 21-22%. I should really exercise more. And do some weight bearing exercises for my bones. I also want to strengthen my core, because I get a food baby way too easily. And I can barely do 10 sit-ups. Perhaps I should learn from my dad, who has a six pack. Well. I guess it just takes a lot of determination! Which is hard to get.
Some random stuff to share:
Isn't this wonderful! Makes me feel that my skin and liver are so clean ☺

Yup. Question (though I don't expect anyone to reply me here): What do you do with leather items that you already have? I've got a leather bag and a pair of leather shoes, bought from before I was even vegetarian. At first I was like, since the animal has died for me I should make the most of it. But now I feel not that comfortable with using something that's the product of pain, torture and death..

This is actually quite true. Though for the purple part, it's more like fish, eggs and dairy.

Yes. This is sad. Sometimes I randomly feel sad for the millions of animals suffering and dying at this moment. :'(

Some books I've borrowed from the library! The pretzel one isn't vegan. Currently reading Whole.
Okay, off to plan what I'm going to do for VeganMoFo! Have a great September! ☺

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