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Sgvegan's World Vegan Day Potluck!

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Yesterday was the 1st of November, which was World Vegan Day and also the day of the Vegan Potluck!! ☺

It's hosted by Sonal (@sonalch86 on Instagram) and it's my second time joining one! (The first one was in June and also organised by her, to read about it click here. Okay I just went to have a look at it and previously the lighting was so good?! I don't like that the sun sets earlier this time of the year T.T)

Compared to last time, there were more people (I think it was about 30?), and the average age was lower. LOL. Also, there was more food, and more people brought food that they've prepared themselves! This photo above probably only shows a quarter of the food!☺

I met a whole lot more people that I've only known from Instagram, and they were so different from what I've expected - but in a good way! Hahaha we identified each other by our Ig usernames.

A small part of the spread.  New food kept on appearing! (Lols reminds me of Roald Dahl's Magic Table story)
Every dish tasted good, wow. Seems like most vegans are good cooks! ;)
I'll try my best to give the correct names of the food and the people who made it!

Raw Zucchini Lasagne by Sabrina (@livinginthepure). It was amazing! Loved the texture and cheesiness!

A colourful Couscous salad. Haven't had couscous in so long, yum!

Mushroom Soup by Lynsey (@freakyfreaky). This was sooo rich and creamy; possibly the best one I've ever tasted!

Carrots & Broccoli with a creamy dressing.

Fried Olive Rice. So fragrant!

Raw Blueberry Cheesecake, which won the Best Dish prize! Made by Cheryl (@cherylquincy). Though the texture was more pudding-like, it was so smooth and rich and so packed with blueberries!!

Amanda (of the Sgvegan blog) brought these Lins Smoothies which are so high in nutritiousness!

I brought a Pumpkin-Lentil-Carrot stew!
And Curry-Seaweed Puff Pastry Sticks (to dip in the stew actually, but I don't think people realised that lols!) So glad that people liked them :') Recipe in another post!

Before we eat, we must Instagram.
 Cheesy Farfelle Pasta.

Colourful Veggie Stir-fry.
This was brought by Jolene, a junior from my secondary school (Fairfield; I'm 2 years her senior). And her story of how she turned vegan/vegetarian was so interesting!! She was eating with a group of friends (in the school canteen!) and one of them found a beetle in her meat. Then unconsciously they all stopped eating meat from that stall for about a week, and she felt better, health-wise after a week of less (or was it no) meat! So she became vegan/vegetarian (I'm not sure about her friends) Wow. O.O Makes me wish I found a beetle in my canteen meat last time. Though I've found more bugs in my veggies.

A yummy lasagne, made by Sonal!


Raw (?) Chocolate Coconut Truffles. SO chocolaty and coconutty!!!

Yummy Mushroom Pate on crackers. Brought by Shimin (@shiminsuar) and Desmond (@desmondcwl). So nice to meet them again! ☺

And now, we start eating.

Veggie Brown Rice!

My first plate. I had 4 in total, excluding dessert! ^^

Olive Pita Bread (?)

Fluffy Blueberry Muffins made by Ting Ting (@vegting).

Delicious PB Raisin Chia Seed Cookies made by Chen Xi (@peabrainner)! Loved the crumbly texture and just-right sweetness! Chen Xi came with her elder sister, Zhen Xi, and childhood friends Shi Hui (@lickymylips) and her sis (I forgot your name too T.T). They are all vegetarians-from-birth omg!! Their parents are vegetarians too (because of religion).

Also, Amanda (mentioned previously) was a vegetarian since 10 years old and vegan since 4 years ago. And the rest of her immediate family are vegetarians/vegans too due to health reasons.

Like WOW. These and the previous beetle story makes me wish that I've become vegan earlier. O.O Oh well, better later than never!

No potluck is complete without Raw Seaweed Rolls from New Green Pasture Café!

Vegan Satay! They were so real o_o Can't remember where they're from though.

After we had our fill of food and chatter, we formed groups according to the colours on our name stickers to play a game based around social media! I was in the same group as Chen Xi, Zhen Xi, Shi Min, Desmond, Sabrina and an Indian man I forgot the name of (sorry). We were the Penguins because our colour was black. The other groups were Red Panda, Blue Peacock and Green Chameleon.

There were about 5 rounds and each round had a task of doing something related to social media - Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram etc. And we had 5 mins per round.
 This round was about what vegan item you'd be so excited to find and what you'd do with it. WE ALL CHOSE CHEESE. LOL. Ours was the bottom left one! We wrote Daiya Mozzarella Cheese. Which I've yet to try cooking with!
 This other round was Instagram-related. Draw an image you'd hashtag #sgvegan.

Hehe this was ours ♡

Our group won the game, yay! ☺

And then it was time for dessert!! This is Banoffee Pie by Sonal! Banoffee pie is an English dessert pie made from bananas, cream and toffee (wiki; I had no idea what banoffee was and thought that this was a banana cream pie!).

Loved the texture and it was amazingly good!

Raw Neapolitan cake made by Sheryl (@shihngin; I can finally spell your Ig name correctly! ^^ ) She's worked at The Living Café, making raw cakes before, and this didn't disappoint!

It was smooth, rich, and very much like an ice cream cake! Loved the chewy crust too! And it looks so pretty ♡◡♡

Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake. So decadent and delightful!

When most of the food was gone, we had chips! Haha.
So good with the amazing satay sauce!!!

 Chips without the arms.

 A photo with all the other vegan Ig-ers!

 (This and the previous photo from Chua Jing Zhi)

 Thanks Sonal for organising yet another fun & delicious potluck!! So glad to (personally) know so many new people! Already can't wait for the next one ;) and the midnight Mustafa (I've never been there) retreat lols!

Also, if I got your dish wrong or if I forgot your name, please correct me!

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you Serene! :)

    Amanda (SGVegan)