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World Vegan Month Potluck 2014!

By 09:26

On Sunday (30th November - the last day of World Vegan Month), I went for a potluck organised by Nisha, Jeremy and Michael! Thanks Nisha and Jeremy for having us! ^^

It's the first potluck I've been to this year - wow how time flies. 

First, we watched Cowspiracy, which is a documentary about the environmental impact of animal agriculture. I've read about some of the facts before (eg. it takes 1000 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of milk; the water needed to make one hamburger is enough to shower for 2 months!) but what I found so shocking was that 1000+ individuals were actually murdered because they tried to protect the Amazon rainforest from being destroyed for animal agriculture?! Like a nun was shot in the head?!?! Plus apparently 4,600 (if I remember correctly) people were killed/harmed because they went against the meat/dairy/egg industry?!?! No wonder people are so skeptical about veganism. The animal agriculture industry buys out recognized animal/wildlife/ environment 'protection' establishments and uses them to brainwash people.

Cowspiracy is just the second vegan documentary I've watched (the first being Earthlings), but I'd definitely recommend it! Especially if you're non-vegan and yet call yourself an environmentalist. Or if you have a conscience.

Okay now for the food! As always, it was GOOD. Are vegans all wonderful cooks or what?!

Mushroom pasta by Alicia and Cheryl. ^^ The cashew cream sauce was great!

Yummy carrot cake by Zhi Wei and Gretchen!!

Truffle mac 'n' cheese with dill by Nisha and Jeremy! Wow I'd like to learn how to make my pastas as good as these two pasta dishes here!

And grapes-on-sticks plus assemble-it-yourself jelly & chia dessert at the back.

Pav bhaji ('Pav' means bread, and 'bhaji' refers to a thick potato-based curry, according to Wiki); bhaji by Sridevi and LOVEinBread baguette/rolls brought by Rebecca. They went great together! ^^

'Speshio fly lice' (haha!) by Stone.

Chili con Carne by Howard. Too bad I didn't see the vegan sour cream (I think?) at the side!

Garlic, roasted beet and jalapeno hummus by Michael. The colour of the roasted beet hummus is so gorgeous!!

My Thai-style tempeh cakes with chili-lime dressing. I'll post the recipe soon ^^

Super colourful superfood tabouleh. Refreshing!

Fried kway teow by Pauline. Springy and not too salty/oily!

There was more food than this!

Savoury sourdough mustard bread by Qing Hui. It's steamed, how interesting!

We climbed up some stairs and THE VIEW WAS WOW

Though after a while I really couldn't see what I was eating haha

Oh and we brought along our own plates and cutlery to reduce waste. ^^

Massaman curry by Sonal. Rich and fragrant from 2 cans of coconut milk lol! :)

Cute little chilled cakes by Nisha. I had the peanut butter chocolate one and it was creamy on top and crumbly & Oreo-ish on the bottom yum! The other one is pumpkin & cream cheese (I think)

Shepherd's pie by Esha. I was super full by then but this was too good to not eat! 

I did my best to match food to person ( FB profile) heh. If I got anything wrong or missed anyone out please tell me. ^^;

The three dogs were super cute too! Photo from FB by Jeremy because I couldn't get any of them to sit still for the camera haha.

This potluck wasn't with the #sgvegan Instagrammy people that I'm more familiar with, but I still had fun! Thanks to Jeremy, Nisha and Michael for hosting and organising again! And thanks everyone for the yummy food :)

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  1. It was a pretty good event. We should potluck quite often. :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed Cowspiracy and the potluck. I enjoyed trying everyone's food as well.
    I look forward to you posting the recipe for your Thai tempeh cakes as these were one of my favourites

    1. Aww thanks! I'll be posting the recipe tomorrow! :)

  3. Great pics Sayyian :-) I'm glad you took so many as I was so busy eating all the lovely food I forgot to take any!