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Cookies & (Durian) Cream Parfait!

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A decadent, yet healthy treat! Vanilla tofu cream (silken tofu + vanilla essence + sweetener), pomegranate seeds, chocolate tofu cream and blueberries layered with crushed manoic cookies and topped with a peak of chilled pure durian paste, studded with cacao nibs.

"What are manoic cookies?", you ask. Before this pack of cookies appeared at my house, I'd never heard of them either! It's been sitting for months at the coffee table among some junk food. And then one day, I read the ingredients to find that it's VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE. o_o Wow. Like it's very rare for a traditional, 'family recipe' type of food to be vegan, and it's even gluten free?!

It's made of mainly manoic floor, which comes from the cassava plant. The cookies (okay actually they're biscuits, but 'Biscuit & Cream' doesn't exactly have a ring to it) are quite light and crumbly. Plus it has ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS and NO ADDED COLOURING PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES. Wow. And just the right sweetness. I'm on my last few pieces already, and it can't be bought in Singapore :'( Lols this would be a good reason for me to go to Mauritius.

So sorry that I've been neglecting my blog and Instagram lately; I've been so very busy with schoolwork, assignments and projects! I'll try my best to blog at least once a week from now on. :x

Also, a big thank you to iHerb Rewards and Stacey for featuring me! :) :)

I can't wait for Chinese New Year (this coming Friday)! It's my favourite holiday of all!! ^^

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  1. would you post the recipe for it? looks delish!! :)

    1. Thank you!! :) It's really simple though, so I didn't include a recipe. Just layer fruits, crumbled cookies, tofu mousse (puree silken tofu with sweetener and/or cocoa powder) and top it all off with durian! I froze the durian and blended it to achieve a thick consistency. :)