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A few days back, on Wednesday, I cooked WHITE rice for myself for the very first time! It doesn't seem like much, but it's a milestone to me! If you follow my Instagram, you might have noticed that I never cook rice. Even brown rice! I've long viewed it as something 'evil'...

There's a rainbow in my rice! 'Curried' (I just added spices) spicy basmati rice with black fungus, topped with raw veggies: purple cabbage, snow peas, carrot strips, red capsicum and white button mushroom. With a sprinkle of nutritional yeast and pumpkin floss. I should have added more turmeric! And this is way spicer than it looks, because of a too-liberal shake of chili flakes :x

In my upper secondary school years, I had really poor body image and wanted to lose weight, though I was at a perfectly healthy weight. And somehow I decided that carbs were bad. -_-Especially refined carbs. When I ate out at hawker centres, I had Yong Tau Foo without rice or noodles, or economical rice with a tiny bit of rice (which I didn't eat) to 'clean' the sauces and oil off the side dishes. And when I ate at my grandparent's house, I would often throw away quite a bit of the porridge - even if it was brown rice porridge. I cringe at the memory of my wastefulness! (Especially of my grandpa's porridge which was the thick, soft, gooey kind that I like, and I'd never be able to eat it again...) Now, I won't even let a single grain go uneaten! There was also a time when I added black vinegar to my rice - because I read somewhere that it helps to make the rice have a lesser impact on blood sugar levels or something. (This was all before I read about veganism, by the way.)

So there were four reasons for my change:

1. The 801010 diet. There's a book that goes by this name, but I'm just refering to the diet in general (I can't quite remember what the book says hehe). More specifically, Freelee, who has a great YouTube channel, and she has really helped my to overcome my fear of carbs! She advocates a high carb, raw vegan diet, but also promotes cooked carbs as a 'back-up plan'. Cooked carbs include rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn pasta etc. I'm not raw vegan, or high carb, but I'm working towards it (very) gradually - because it really make me feel GREAT! ^^ I'm glad to have a role-model on health that I know that I can believe in!

2. Wheat Belly by William Davis. I've just started reading this book, and it's quite intriguing! Though it's not a 'vegan book', and it promotes a low-carb diet and animal-eating (both of which I really strongly disapprove of) it does have some interesting points - such as the fact that the wheat we're eating now is not the same as the wheat our grandparents and ancestors ate! I'm not even halfway done with it yet but I'm quite convinced already (actually it doesn't take much to convince me of anything logical lols). Instead of choosing bread over rice, which I did previously, I'll now choose rice (even if it's white rice) over bread! :) I would recommend you to read it (The 80/10/10 Diet by Doug Graham is a better read!), but please don't get conned by the low-carb, high-protein, animal-protein-is-good-for-health parts!

3. It keeps me satisfied! I had basmati rice at dinner for three meals already, and I find that I'm much less 'itchy-mouthed' at night! It's easier to control boredom-eating and procrastination-eating. I cook 1/2 cup rice grains (I don't know how much it is when cooked, but it expands to more that white rice) with veggies, and I really enjoy eating it!! :) My parents are more shocked than ever about the volume of food I eat now LOL. My dad says I eat more than a cow.

My first rice dish! A throw-together, I-never-intended-to-photograph-this dinner. Basmati rice with curry powder & turmeric, sweet peas, white fungus, cabbage, goji berries and pumpkin floss. All for me~

4. Last weekend, my parents had leftover white rice porridge at dinner so I added it to my usual one-pot meal and IT TASTED SO GOOD. I mean, my meal felt really complete. Even though I had other carb-y things like sweet potatoes at dinner, it has never tasted as good as this. Wow. like what have I been depriving myself of all this while?!

On a side note, I feel apologetic to my parents for being so fickle-minded about what I eat and don't eat, even within the non-vegan diet (before) and vegan diet now. It's like... I used to eat baby carrots because they're convenient, but I don't eat them anymore because they're soaked in chlorine... turns out they're not?! Lols. Oh well, I can chop my own carrots! And I used to love potatoes, then I ranked potatoes as one of the 'evil' foods together with rice and white bread. But now I eat it, of course! And I used to not care for nuts but ate when offered, then I didn't eat it (when I was trying to lose weight -_- ), then I decided that healthy fats were good, but now I limit nut consumption because it's not really recommended under 801010. I also used to dislike garlic, then made myself like it because I heard it's healthy, but now I try to stay away from it. Yup. No wonder my parents are often confused with what I eat or don't eat. And it's my fault that mum asks me "How many calories is this?!" when she sees me eat a huge pile of food. T.T

So... what you could probably take away from this not-that-informative no-specific-nutritional-info post is that CARBS ARE GOOD. And there's no need to fear rice! (The real "evil" is meat, dairy and eggs.) Or, as Freelee says, "Calorie restriction is so last season".

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