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Quick Update!

By 07:39

Hi guys. Haven't been posting on here and my Instagram lately because of the usual reason - tons of schoolwork. This term we were swamped with work. Seriously, I've never been so busy in my whole life before. Going back to school on Saturdays AND Sundays (not just once but multiple times) and even meeting up for projects on school holidays. ~.~

Now that it's almost the end of the term, it's not so bad. There's still a few submissions but I don't feel so stressed. Of course, there's also end-semester tests now and exams just 'round the corner. After exams there's like one week break and then a few months of internship! 

Can't believe that it's already my last day of actual lessons at Singapore Poly. 2.5 years have gone by so quickly...

Another reason why I've not been posting is because I've been eating banana nice cream every morning for breakfast. That's exactly what I'm doing now haha. SO YUMMY. Banana nice cream is literally the only thing I use my food processor for LOL. The one other thing I've used it for so far is savoury carrot oats. I don't think I'll get sick of nice cream anytime soon either. Previously my default breakfast was oatmeal (different variations of course) and I had it every morning for like 4 years. Heh.

So I guess I'll probably be back posting in about 3 week's time! Oh yeah and most of the links in my blogposts don't work now. I'll fix them then too. And since I've got less views with my 'new' blog address, I'll probably be posting more personal things (like this post). So yeah, see you in 3 weeks!! ☺️

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