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Brownice @ Upper Thomson

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Brownice is Singapore's first vegan ice cream cafe! I went to the one at Upper Thomson (Sin Ming Centre) yesterday after lunch with my friends! ☺ Everything sold here is vegan!

My friends were like "How is it possible that ice cream is vegan?" "No eggs, no milk??" etc. Well, the ice cream at Brownice is made of organic brown rice (hence the name), fruits and nuts, and is free of artificial colourings & flavourings and preservatives!

It was my second time here and I've been craving for their thick, fluffy waffles and guilt-free ice cream! They also have a newer outlet at Zhong Shan Mall, though I've not been there before.
And I must say, this outlet seems to have better natural lighting than the other one, for it's at road level and has a glass shop front. From photos I've seen of the Zhong Shan Mall one, it seems to be gloomier, with no natural light. LOL. Ambience and photo-quality are big parts of the experience okay.
Most of these photos were taken on my previous trip to Brownice. I went with my mum for this buffet - which is really quite worth it! This was during April 2013; hopefully there'll be another one soon!!!
It comes with a brownie, a waffle, a pocket hottie and a free flow of ice cream. We only had 8 scoops in total (mum's not a really big ice cream eater) though. Looking back I should've went on a really empty stomach!
Though there aren't any buffet promos now, the ice cream here is really quite affordable. The scoops are generous and what you're paying for is definitely of a better quality than dairy ice creams!
One scoop is $3.80, two scoops cost $5.50 and three scoops go for $7.00. Which is already cheaper than most ice creams sold at other ice cream parlours. ☺

This is the brownie ($4.00) with Pumpkin Coconut, Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownie ice cream. The brownie was super rich and chocolatey. I found it a bit too sweet while mum found it bitter. Lols. Reminds me of Milo, though richer!

The waffle ($3.50) with Strawberry and French Vanilla ice cream. The waffle is probably the best I've ever tasted. Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside! And usually, I won't go for strawberry ice cream because the colour and flavour is just too artificial. But this is just real. And creamy, but not too creamy.

We had the Pocket Hotties/Toasties and this is the Rendang one (they also have Creamy Mushroom). It's made with mushroom stems and it really tastes like meat! :O They use vegan wholewheat bread and it's toasted to perfection ♡_♡

The ice creams here are Hazelnut Coffee, Just Hazelnut and Banana Oats. I don't quite fancy the hazelnut flavours much though... it reminds me too much of Kinder Bueno. But the Hazelnut Coffee was good. Like a really intense coffee flavour (at least for me, a non-coffee drinker).
But then... that night I had one of the most restless night's sleep that I could remember. O_O I just kept on tossing and turning. I wonder if it's because of the Hazelnut Coffee. Haha but that doesn't sound quite possible - how much caffeine can there be in one scoop?! I guess it's the collective effect of the caffeine from the other chocolae flavours and the brownie. Lols at least this shows that they use real, quality ingredients!
My favourites then were the Pumpkin Coconut and Dark Chocolate! (Most of what I've typed above comes from an Instagram post with a super long caption hehe)

Yesterday, I shared this with one of my dear friends, Cassandra! ♡ I had the Strawberry and she had the Dark Chocolate (I think?). Another reason why I like the Strawberry one is because it's such a super lovely shade of pink!
If you're in Singapore, do head to Brownice to try some guilt-free delights! ☺
Sin Ming Centre (about 10 mins walk from Marymount MRT)
8 Sin Ming Road #01-03
Singapore 575628
Tel: 6456 6431            
Zhong Shan Mall
20 Ah Hood Road
Singapore 329984

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  1. Wow! I want to visit Singapore so I can try this place, it looks fantastic!

  2. omg! fantastic! it looks so good, i like the retro cuteness of the shop!

  3. wow look at that ice cream! I want some!

  4. Buffet!? That is crazy - crazy awesome! That place looks super cute! I want to go!