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Vegan Supermarket Finds @ Bangkok

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Supermarket shopping was an exciting part of my BKK trip lol! Our Airbnb apartment had a kitchenette so we could cook. :)

My friends and I mostly went to the Gourmet Market, which sounds Cold Storage-y but feels more like Fairprice Finest I guess! This one is at Siam Paragon. By the way, they have this trolley safekeeping service where you can leave your groceries there for free as long as you collect it back by 9/10pm! How convenient. 

They have like not-cheap fresh fruit juices everywhere ooooooh.

Plus they have Sweet William chocolates!!!!!!! Wow Singapore only has white chocolate and milk chocolate so far I think.

Lol I saw this on the first day and it was expensive so I just took a photo (because if you can't buy it, you photograph it, right?)

But then I went back on the second last day and bought them. They are expensive - 380 baht (S$16) for the chocolate spread, 182 baht (S$7.70) for each of the large bars and 128 baht (S$5.40) for the small bar.

But I really don't regret buying them! The chocolate spread tastes like sunflower seeds, which is interesting. There's like this taste where I can tell that it uses stevia, but I'm fine with it! I like the consistency and it drizzles well on food. Like this:
The white strawberry chocolate (chopped in chunks above) is really yummy! The strawberry bits are chewy. And the dark chocolate with orange didn't taste cheap. I used to hate orange chocolate because my only encounters with it were in the form of cheap milk chocolate (that teachers give out on special occasions lolol). But this is good!

There's also lotsa gluten-free alternatives! How surprising!

Many different kinds of fruit juices! Many of them are 100% juice. Like if it's strawberry juice it's 100% strawberry juice. Only in Thailand o_o

There's also this All Coco booth in the middle of the supermarket selling coconut juice, coconut slushies, coconut pudding (?) and...

Coconut ice cream! I didn't try it but I'm quite sure that it's all vegan!

There are many brands of curry pastes but this is one of the few that's vegan (i.e. without shrimp). Mum cooked the yellow curry yesterday and it was good!!

This is vegan too but I bought the previous brand because that was a couple bahts cheaper hehe. Oh and I couldn't find either of these brands at the other Gourmet Market I went to, so if you see them just buy them!

This was what I got on the first day. Eww horrible nighttime lighting.

Lol and there's like a whole row of soymilk/cow milk and somehow I got this one which mixes soy & cow's milk?!?!!?!? 
-_- My friend brought it home in the end and she said that it was really sweet.

Anyway the food lasted me quite a while surprisingly. I brought the packet of sunbutter from home.

This is carrot bread from Veganerie!

Got more things from the supermarket below the apartment! 

The watermelon was so sweet! Oh yeah and the coconut juice is not bad too! My friend pointed out that it tasted like yogurt. o_o Okay it kinda does

Dinner one day.

Added the vegetarian green curry to the packet of mixed veg, two carrots and some tofu.

And ate it with the 15 baht (S$0.63) bowl of rice. You must be thinking that it probably doesn't even taste like curry anymore. You're right! LOL.

And then for dinner another day. Had veggie ramen with this gluten stew haha sounds gross.

This ramen is vegan certified and all! I bought back a pack of 5 though I know that it's sold somewhere in Singapore hehe.

Why did I take photos of instant noodles cooking?

Because it's my first time in years eating instant noodles!! :D I think I put like 1/3 of the seasoning and it was good enough!

The gluten stew was SUPER salty and oily! Luckily I didn't cook it with my ramen. I had to pour away the sauce and rinse it in hot water o_o But the texture of the mock meat and the mushrooms were not bad.

My friends got lotsa things from the aisles of chips & crackers, and I found something great there too! These are popped rice crackers yum!

I think it almost doesn't qualify as junk food.

There's like 4 flavours I think. One is cheese if I remember correctly, so I just tried the other 3. The tom yam one looked promising but was kinda lackluster, and the sea salt one tasted boring, but the seaweed one was really really good!! My friend thought so too! It was 2 packets for about 50 baht ($2.10). I should ship some back next time lol.

This photo is of my snacks on my flight back to Singapore. Haha the buns (baos) look awful here but they're quite good! They're from the convenience store outside the immigration area (?).  The pink one on the right is taro and it's not bad. The green one is green tea red bean, which I like a lot!! The matcha fragrance was not as little as I thought it'd be. It's about 12 baht ($0.50) each I think. Great to clear your coins!!! Once you go in there's hardly anything cheap to buy. I bought a 110 baht of Thai jasmine rice but it tasted normal. Lol I think it's more worth it to buy 10 baos and have a bao party in the plane.

I never knew before this trip that chips become like this in the air! Oooooo

That's all for this post! I spent more than 20% of the money I brought on groceries haha! But yeah, the supermarkets make me feel like I can live comfortably in Bangkok.

(And somehow through the trip I revived my feel to Instagram food ^^;)

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