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Vegan Junk Food Dessert Pizza!

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All of the vegan junk food in my house together as a pizza:
Dandies Marshmallows
Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookies
Justins Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Delcie's Rainbow Cake

On a Mountain Bread rye wrap topped with chocolate avocado fudge, peanut butter balls, strawberries and kiwi (otherwise the whole thing would be too dry), drizzled with tahini and sprinkled with hemp seeds.

I ate the whole thing and it was so SWEET omg. Especially the marshmallows - it was my first time eating marshmallows in like more than 3 years! Since vegan marshmallows are difficult to find in Singapore (they all have gelatin). Finally managed to buy it from iHerb because it was usually sold out whenever I wanted to get it. I toasted it in the oven for a while (it's not noticeable though) and the outside was a bit crispy and the inside was so soft and melty! Wow but really it's very sweet.

The Speculoos cookies (which are essentially just Lotus cookies with a fancier name and packaging) and Justin's PB cups were bought from NYC.

The peanut butter balls are homemade and relatively low in fat. It's contains just dates and peanut flour! I didn't measure the ingredients but just mix and add more peanut flour until you get a not-too-sticky consistency. 

The rainbow cake was bought to celebrate my grandpa's birthday! :) Looks pretty but taste-wise I've had better vegan cakes. The cake is on the drier side and there was awful-tasting pink frosting on top. At least cakes from Delcie's are supposed to be healthier! Maybe other cakes taste better - I've tried their brownie before (it was the first vegan brownie I ate haha) and I loved it!

The chocolate avocado fudge is from the Chocolate Fudge Tart recipe that I made for Antidote!

Actually maybe the secret to stop junk food cravings is to eat all the junk food at one go LOL. Like really - I don't even wanna look at the marshmallows/chocolate/speculoos cookies now! If the marshmallows weren't so sweet I probably wouldn't feel like this though haha


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