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NYC Day 5 (27 Apr) - Champs Diner + Dunwell Doughnuts + Brooklyn Bridge + Trader Joe's + Beyond Sushi + DF Mavens + Grand Central Terminal

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Oops I stopped blogging and just... completely lost the momentum.

Anyway this was MY FAVOURITE DAY OF THE TRIP. Because it was like a vegan food trail lolol I'm so predictable.

First we went to Champs Diner, which is in Brooklyn (near Montrose Av station if I remember correctly).


OMG best meal in NYC!

We had the tofu benedict (US$11), strawberry shortcake pancakes (US$9), raw kale salad (US$6) and some tea (US$1.50). I think the kale salad wasn't really worth it since kale is so cheap there anyway, but it kinda lightened up the meal a bit I guess, since the mains were quite heavy.

The pancakes were really delicious! Soft and fluffy and the portion was quite generous! Plus the whipped cream was so yummy omg I wanna eat it now. The tofu benedict was really yummy too! Mum thought it was quite.. real. LOL. I've never had a 'real' eggs benedict but wow this was good.

The prices of the food here is not bad (it was about SGD$50 incl tips because EXCHANGE RATE)! And portion size was on the larger side (but still finish-able). I'll definitely go back again someday!

So we were really full and we walked around to digest. We saw this health food store - aren't these bottles so pretty?!?!

The place we were at (near Montrose Av) seemed quite ulu (deserted). I wonder how the shops survive. Maybe it's busier on the weekends..?

Vegan candy bars

WHICH I DIDN'T BUY *regrets*

After we walked a while (there isn't much to do there because it's mostly housing) we went to Dunwell Doughnuts! It's like a street (or 2?) away from Champs Diner - it's all on the Google Maps I shared on the Day 1 post by the way.

The interior is so pretty and rustic-ish! And if you sit there for a doughnut it's served on a cute piece of wood with Dunwell Doughnuts printed on it. Alas, we were exploding with food so we decided to takeaway.

We got the Lemon Cinnamon Cherry, PBJ w/ Chocolate Splatter and Toasted Coconut.

I took one out just to take a photo lol.


Then we went to Brooklyn Bridge to walk and digest more lol.

People doing maintenance work wowwww. Infinity Challenge (South Korean variety show) can come here and do an extreme part-time job haha

Street performers! They were like so professional ooooh.

And then we went to Trader Joe's woohoo! I think this is the branch near the Whole Foods a few days back - the Union Square one.

Wow so I'm not the only one and people actually enjoy this too?!?! Too bad it isn't vegan.

And then we sat at the park and shared a doughnut!

Pretty pink tree! Lotsa people just sitting there reading/using their phone/talking. We sat there for quite a while as we waited to get hungry LOL.

And then we went to Beyond Sushi woohoo (it's a walkable distance away)!!! I saw photos of the sushi here like when I first joined Instagram and became vegan, and going there was like a wish fulfilled!

This branch was a small one with like 3 tables only. I expected it to be a restaurant actually! But it's like a cafe. 

We got the Pickle Me and The Haricat rolls, and two super cute enoki and snow pea nigiri sushi, plus a spicy carrot salad. The salad looks meh but it's quite flavourful! And the sushis are so pretty and delicious. We didn't order much because we weren't actually hungry yet hahaha.

And then we went to DF Mavens!! DF stands for dairy-free I think. All the restaurants/cafes in this post are completely vegan woohoo no wonder I was so happy.

They have like sooooo many flavours.

The cones have flavours too.

I got a discount card for DF Mavens at the Green Festival and I brought it but FORGOT TO USE IT omg.

We got the Rose Water and New Orleans Salted Praline (which I later found out was one of the 3 flavours I tried at the Green Festival). The cones I chose were the toasted coconut and cinnamon brown sugar. The rose water one was light and fragrant, and surprisingly not disgustingly gross and fake like bandung (rose) syrup. I can't remember the taste of the other one but I overheard the staff saying to a customer that it's one of the most popular flavours. I just chose it because the name was long and interesting.

Attention-seeking three-wheeled vehicle outside oooooh.

Hehe cute!

We walked around the vicinity and saw a small supermarket! So many varieties of apples and potatoes! It's so nice when they're stacked up so neatly. I wonder why we never see this in Singapore.

And then we decided to go back to the apartment because it was getting late... but we entered the wrong side of the station. Apparently some stations, once you enter the gate you can't cross over to the other side to go to the other direction -_- So to not waste money, we took to the next station but the same thing happened. Hence we decided to just go another 2 stops to Grand Central station since Mum wanted to see it anyway.

It's like... so grand. LOL.

There's the star signs on the ceiling.

So cool and historical and old-fashioned!

On the opposite side of where I'm standing there's a restaurant. And behind me was an Apple store omg. Spoils the vintage feel of the place lolol.

Finally got back to the apartment and had the rest of the doughnuts for supper!! 

Excitedly snapchatted haha!

Here's my Trader Joe's haul by the way!

The fruit bars (raw and just 2 ingredients) were 99c each so we got quite a lot... but Larabars and Clif bars were also the same price at another Trader Joe's we went to a few days later omg. The Speculoos cookies and Soyaki were both recommended by reviews I found online. The Soyaki is good with stir-fries and steamed veggies! It smells garlicky but the garlic taste isn't that strong. And the Speculoos cookies are actually just Lotus cookies. I didn't even like Lotus cookies... but in this packaging with the 'V' sign it tasted really good LOL. I got the popping corn because it's like half the price of the usual popping corn I get from iHerb - though they're both organic. And the gingerchews and gingermints are nice because I love ginger (and they save me from motion sickness)! It's like... no-one else I know likes ginger/enjoys these candies because they all find it too spicy haha.

The next couple of days weren't so eventful so.. maybe I'll get them out by this week! Lol I can't wait to finish writing these but at the same time I'm lazy. This post was fun to write though. Ahh all the food memories.

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