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Your Tea - Matcha Tea!

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Matcha is a rising health food trend, and it's no wonder because the ancient Japanese tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and provides 'slow-release' caffeine. The folks at Your Tea have kindly sent me their Matcha Tea to try! 

The packaging is gorgeous and the box set comes with 25 sachets of organic superior grade matcha, a ceremonial bamboo whisk and a recipe booklet!

I used it in a smoothie bowl made with 1 sachet of matcha + 3 bananas + handful of spinach + almond milk + lemon juice :)

I'm having the matcha as a tea right now and I must say that it's really fragrant and smooth, and it dissolves well without a powdery consistency.

Thanks once again to Ana  from Your Tea for sending me your Matcha Tea! ^^ You can read more about their matcha here

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