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Sankranti Indian Food @ Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC)

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I went to Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) with a good friend of mine for lunch today! There's actually quite a lot of vegan/ vegan-izable options at ARC. We settled on Sankranti, which is on the first floor. It's an Indian restaurant that's not vegetarian, but has quite a few vegetarian choices. There's also a vegetarian restaurant two doors down, called Komala's. I've eaten there once with my parents before. The prices are in a similar range, but Komala's menu doesn't show the description of the food. ._.

By the way, I LOVE Indian food! ^^ All those spices and weird names and that I-don't-know-what-I'm-eating-but-it's-good feeling. Hehe. 

There are 2 pages of vegetarian options. I had to ask which ones had milk and cream (Indian vegetarian doesn't have egg, according to my mum) but the server didn't understand me. He said that everything had no milk but some of the curries clearly had paneer (Indian cheese). And so he asked someone else, who recommended a set. The set came with curd, which he said he could replace with something else, but he probably forgot.

LOL the communication gap is frustrating but it's all part of the experience. 

Everything seems quite authentic, since 90% of people eating there are Indians. It was relatively empty when we entered at about 12 noon, but by 12.30pm it was more or less full!

This is the Bhojanam ($8.50). The menu states that it has: Phulka (1 piece), White rice, Special Rice, Vepudu, Puluso, Pappu, Rasam, Sambar, Roti Pachadi, Senagapodi with ghee (!!!), Pickles, Pappad, Curd, Sweet.

I totally forgot about asking about the ghee. :( Oh well. When I eat Indian food I know that I'll probably be consuming some dairy.

My friend had Mixed Veg curry ($6.50) and garlic naan ($3.20). The curry was not bad, but it wasn't as spicy as the dishes I had.

There was a MOUNTAIN of rice I kid you not. Probably 2 bowls or almost 2 bowls. But I finished most of it hehehe. The thing on top is the phulka, which is like a flatbread I guess. It's not oily.

The two on the left are soups, followed by a potato curry, mushroom (?) curry, and some solid stuff with spices (the one at the very end had chickpeas, and I had completely no idea what veg was in the one beside it). LOL. It would be nice to eat Indian food with an Indian.

And then there's the special rice, curd (which I didn't eat), and the sweet, as the menu calls it. The sweet was WEIRD. It was gooey and clumpy and that shade of pink is scary for a food. I (bravely) tasted a bit of it and... it tasted like condensed milk. Ugh. (Come to think of it, there was this deep-fried ball soaked in thick syrup that was probably the dessert/'sweet' of the set meal I had at Komala's. It tasted EXACTLY like condensed milk. Like how?? It didn't look milky at all.)

There were also pappadum chips and a fibrous brown dip. Not bad.

I think the two curries in the middle were the best.

The payment is made at the counter to the right of the entrance. Lol we were so confused about what to do because we asked the server (the first one) and his reply was so ambiguous. ><

Overall, I think that this set meal is really worth it! It can probably be shared by two if you order a small side/naan/prata. Ghee is probably used in most dishes though. :( :( :(

Alexandra Retail Centre
Alexandra Road
Nearest MRT: Labrador Park (CC27)

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