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Grocery Shopping!

By 20:19

The torturous test week is over and it's finally the school holidays! ^^ Which means more time to blog and Instagram hehe.

I've been wanting to share about where I get my groceries from, since quite a number of people have asked me before! I really enjoy grocery shopping; I don't see it as a chore. Occasionally I'll go to Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market, but most of the time I get it from the regular supermarkets: NTUC, Fairprice Finest, Giant or Sheng Siong. There's a whole section in every supermarket that's filled with vegan food - the produce aisle! (Credits to @vegantweeter on Twitter for this line lols) 

For health foods and more exotic foods, I get them from iHerb.comTaste Original Organic Mart (Harbourfront), Yes Natural (Clementi) or Zenxin Organic (Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market). 

Recently, I've started going to the market at Holland Drive. My grandma has been grocery shopping there for quite some time now and she always says that stuff there are cheap!

And they really are! This all costed S$26.70. :O In a regular supermerket it might be about twice the price!

Each bunch of pisang bananas was going for $0.50.
3 fat and sweet carrots were going for $1.
4 brinjals for $1.
3 apples for $1.
Each pack of veggies for $1.


3 oranges for $1.
5 tomatoes for $1.
3 long brinjals for $1.
5 eggplants for $1 (!!!)
3 bittergourd for $1.
4 mao gua for $1.
3 Japanese cucumbers for $1.
1 watermelon for $4
(they have watermelons ranging from $2-$5+)

This haul costed about $25. 

The quality of most of the produce is not bad. However, I found that the carrots tend to brown and soften within about half a week (they are more orange and sweeter than those from the supermarket though!). Similarly, the beetroot softens relatively quickly compared to those from regular supermarkets. So I guess you'd just have to eat them quicker! And the corn may not be so fresh - the leaves (?) haven't been peeled off so it's hard to check how it's like inside. Grandma cooked soup with one and the soup tasted a bit off. But I roasted one in the oven and it was SO SWEET yum yum! 

Now for some market scenes:

Grocery shopping with the aunties (and uncles)! :)

Everyone seems to know exactly what they want. I just grab as much as I can carry hehehe.

There were like several aunties meticulously picking up one watermelon (at the right of this picture) after another, tapping them to check whether they were ripe! A hollow sound means that it's ripe by the way. I just pick any one. ._.

Oh oh, this is just one of the stalls at the market! The stall beside it sells good handmade tofu, and there's another stall behind that sells veggies and portobello mushrooms (3 huge ones for $4 I think..?). There are also quite a few stalls selling dead animals. Awful. Stick to the fruit and veggie stalls and you'll be fine. ^^

"If you keep good food in your fridge you will eat good food" - Errick McAdams

Enjoy your grocery shopping! 

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  1. Yay, glad you're back! and man i wish we had markets like that in my country!! i would go veggie-crazy in these :'D

    1. Hehe I'll try to post more frequently! :x Haha you have farmer's markets though, don't you? :)