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Pita Pan @ Marina Square & Marina Bay Sands

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Pita Pan serves vegetarian Mediterranean food. Most items are vegan, but some have eggs. Most items are dairy-free, according to their website.

Mum & I went to the Marina Square outlet a few weeks back because we bought a Groupon. It was the last weekend available for using the coupon, so it was quite crowded! I think 4 out of 5 of the customers were using the coupons. 

(I actually get annoyed when restaurants say that their food is 'homemade'. A restaurant isn't a home, shouldn't it be 'house-made' instead? #sorrybeingweird) 

I've been to the Pita Pan outlet at Marina Bay Sands before, but that was over a year ago (approx 77 weeks back). This is a half falafel pocket (wholewheat) with sundried tomato falafel and stuff you pick from the counter. It was my first time having falafel and I thought that it was quite dry and oily (since it's deep fried). It was also my first time having hummus and I loved it! Afterwards I learnt how to make my own falafel (baked), and hummus (lower fat).

We also had a Mediterranean platter ($26.90?!?!?!?!) then. It has pita bread, hummus, couscous, falafel and some other stuff.

Back to the Marina Square outlet! We went for dinner so the lighting was quite bad. ._.

They put fresh veggies on the counter thing as decor lols. This is the selection of ingredients you can take if you order a half or full pocket!

I wanted to order the Mediterranean platter again because it has a bit of everything, but... the plate looks so ugly. LOL.

They have new flavours of falafel now! 

The person taking the order (who's also the cashier) was really unhelpful. We were asking for suggestions on what to order, and she just stood them with a black face. -_- And we got curt replies for our questions. Like we asked "How big is a half pocket?", she replied something like "Half the size of a full pocket."

Well I guess it's kinda understandable because it must've been a busy day with all the Groupon-redeeming people, and the people ahead of us in the queue were really picky and difficult. But still.

Then we finally ordered and sat down to wait. It wasn't a short wait; Mum was shaking this thing and wondering if it was spoiled hahaha.

When it was our turn, I went to fill up the half pita pocket ($7.90)! We got a sumac pita pocket (+$1) with picante falafel (+$1). 

Be careful how you hold your pita pocket when you're filling it up. Because if you tilt it the ingredients which you've so generously piled on may just fall out. :x Hahaha. I hastily (and sheepishly) scooped up as much of the stuff I dropped as I could. But they cleared up the rest quite quickly!

The pocket seems to be toasted in oil. I think if you choose the plain or wholewheat one instead of those with the special stuff they won't add oil when they heat it up!

As before, the falafel were dry and oily. It's supposed to be spicy, but it's not very spicy in my opinion.

This is the Fatosh Salad ($12.20). I know that i'll never be ordering this again! It was cucumber, tomato and cabbage, with deep-fried pita chunks (kinda like the Mediterranean version of youtiao). I think we ordered this at random because the cashier was giving us a black face and the queue was getting longer. For one, it's not worth the price. Also, the fried pita was SO OILY. They were kinda hard too. Youtiao tastes better lols.

This is the Hummus with Mushrooms ($11.90). It comes with a pita bread. It was very smooth and creamy, but also it seems like there's lots of oil used. :/

Oh yes, my mum asked for water (it's free, obviously from the tap), and it tasted weird. So consider bringing your own bottle of water if you don't intend to buy drinks.

Overall, I felt that this meal was very high in fat; it took me quite a while to digest. And also somewhat overpriced (but it's okay if you have coupons). Definitely not my Pocket Full of Health. Hehe. But it's fine once in a while I guess.

Pita Pan

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bay Avenue
Singapore 018972
L1-87, Bay Level 

Sun - Thu: 11am to 11pm
Fri and Sat: 11am to 12midnight
Email :
Phone: +65 6688 7450

Marina Square 
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Sun - Thu: 11am to 11pm
Fri and Sat: 11am to 12midnight
Email :
Phone: +65 6337 2587

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