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Simple Vegan Lunchbox Ideas!

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It's been a long while since I've last posted! It's my second week of internship now, and it's like WAYYY MORE TIRING THAN SCHOOL OMG. Like I don't have energy left after coming home from work and all I do is eat, read and watch shows. ._. 

Now I bring lunch to work on alternate days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I buy lunch on Tuesday and Thursday so I get to sleep in on those days LOL. It's just 30 minutes but it sure makes a difference haha. 

So here's what I've brought for lunch. It's more or less similar - one side grains/ starchy veggies, and the other side there's leafy or raw veggies. I usually bring some snacks like mini RawRev or Larabars, or pieces of fruit.

Note: I found a small piece of blue plastic in one of the RawRev bars omg (photo at the back). They taste good but this makes me question their food safety standards -_-

Brown rice with carrot and parsley.
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms (all raw).
The rice looks dry here because it was my first (and last) time using the rice cooker. 

'Fried' rice - brown rice, mixed veggies and parsley cooked on the stovetop.
Chye sim with goji berries, cherry tomatoes and raw mushrooms.
I don't usually bother cooking my button mushrooms because they taste quite good raw! Plus they shrink after cooking, and release water to flood my lunchbox ._.

Potatoes with carrots. Topped with a mix of nutritional yeast, salt-free seasoning, flaxseed meal and oat flour.
Kailan with tempeh, red capsicum and raw mushrooms.
I recently started using Mr's Dash salt-free seasoning, and I'm super surprised at how umami it smells. Makes my food smell like instant noodles omg. o_o I used to use McCormick's range of salt-free seasonings, which don't smell that... unhealthy. LOL.

Barley with carrots, goji berries, black sesame, salt-free seasoning and nutritional yeast.
Romaine lettuce with cherry tomatoes, plum and hemp seeds.
The plum was surprisingly, pleasantly sweet! ^^ Mum cooked (plain) barley the day before and I saved the grains instead of gobbling them up immediately haha. She cooked it in the rice cooker so it's super soft yum! I just lightly cooked it with the other ingredients in the morning.

Here's a school lunch from a while back. Sweet potato with carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and vegan satay! ^^ Grandma bought the satay from Fortune centre.

Here's one I made for my mum. Brown rice with pumpkin and edamame, with veggies skewers.

This is more like a snack box I brought to school. A vegan 'meat' bao my grandma bought me - this is just like 1/3 of a humongous one!!! - with romaine and cherry tomatoes.

I miss school T.T

Another school snack box. Zucchini and carrot sticks, tomato and jambu wedges, and dates. The sauce is Annie's maple barbeque sauce, which is WEIRD. Such a let-down. Smells good but it has a taste of preserved plum. Annie's ketchup is delicious though!

Rice dumpling! It was past the dumpling season but somehow my grandma gave this to me. Haha. I love ba zhangs
My grandma isn't a vegetarian by the way. She always buys me lotsa veg food though! <3

So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I don't cook, I'll often go to the hawker centre (Albert Centre Market and Food Centre) near my workplace. I think I'm going to the hawker centre more often now than I've ever before haha. There 2 vegetarian stalls, but they serve the typical oily and salty vegetarian fare. 

So usually I get 2 bowls of dessert!! I prefer sugar to oil haha. Yum yum! I'll order one hot and one cold. I think it's quite affordable too - $4 or less in total.

The hot item is most often pulot hitam or red bean soup, because they're cheap and filling haha. ^^ 

And my current obsession is CHENDOL. It's this shaved ice dessert with red beans, squiggly artificially-green pandan-flavoured 'worms', black jelly, coconut milk and gula melaka! SO GOOD. I don't even bother asking for less sugar because it's GULA MELAKA YUM.

1000x times yummier than it looks hehe.

Oh yes the piece of plastic. -_- Horrible. Uncooked but also inedible.

Abrupt ending but I hope this has given you some idea on what to pack in your lunchbox! Or motivate you to pack lunch to school/work. :) Have a great day!

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