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Vegan Brown Rice Sushi!!

By 22:47

I had to go back to school on Saturday for project work (bleugh) and I made sushi for lunch for my friend and I (yay)! I've been meaning to make sushi for a while now but what put me off was not knowing how to cook rice properly LOL. Because my rice cooker is new and I didn't know the (soaked overnight) brown rice : water ratio. 

But it turned out well hurray! It's actually also my first time making sushi with rice. What else can you make sushi with, you ask? Jicama 'rice' or mashed purple sweet potato (way back on my Instagram). But sushi made with rice is still the best (and most successful)!!

I used brown rice (300ml cup uncooked) and filled it with these: red bell pepper, baby french beans, yellow bell pepper, celery, carrot, parsley and baiye tofu strips. Steamed the baby french beans and the celery in case my friend finds it too raw. I would've added some avocado if I had any on hand, but it was yummy without too! 

I didn't add sushi vinegar to the rice because the one I have at home has been expired for years and contains MSG. 

Here's a closer look at the baiye tofu. Looks like fettuccine when it's cut this way, doesn't it? It comes in a squareish piece and you have to slice it and peel the layers apart. Quite fun. It doesn't need to be cooked; just rinse it a little. I added some Bragg's liquid aminos to this.  For more ideas on how to use it, look here.

Now for the assembly! 
1. Place a large piece of roasted seaweed (shiny side down) on a sushi mat. 
2. Spread about 1/2 cup (cooled) rice on the seaweed and press down with a spoon.
3. Top with veggies.
4. Roll as tightly as you can!
5. Cut with a sharp knife (I used a ceramic fruit knife) and enjoy!

I got the seaweed sheets from Shine Korea. How convenient that there's an outlet near my workplace whee! The Bibigo brand (if I remember correctly) seaweed sold at NTUC isn't as flavourful and is too soft. And it's like about $4.40 per pack I believe. The Shine Korea one is just $1.90 per pack. #auntiemodeon

I made about 7 rolls I think!

I also prepared some edamame, and brought along some Bragg's, raw tahini and a tube of real wasabi. Oh and not to forget - the chopsticks!

All packed and ready to go!

The sushi boxes were saved from some long-ago sushi consumption. Because you'll never know when something'll come in handy. *hoards everything*

Just before eating! Such a nice table and good lighting. Hehe.

A good lunch on such a hot day.

Smeared on some wasabi, dabbed on some Bragg's and drizzled on some tahini. Yum! Glad that my friend enjoyed it too yay!!

Making sushi is such a fun and satisfying (and not to forget, yummy!) process. ^^ The veggie prep was the most time consuming part, but otherwise, the rolling is actually quite easy. I'll definitely be making more in the future!

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