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Dyed my hair with Henna!

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Found the Light Mountain Natural range of henna hair dyes on iHerb! It's all-natural, chemical-free, and quite affordable (US$5.38).

This is the Red colour and my hair is between dark brown and black.

There's a pair of gloves and a cap included. The cap is like a rectangular piece of plastic lol ._.

It's a greenish powder inside.

The instructions on the paper included said to use water that wasn't boiled with metal. And lemon/grapefruit juice can enhance the colour. I read the reviews on iHerb and some people said that the water shouldn't be too hot or else the colour will fade very easily, so I just used lukewarm water.

I added in the juice of 1/2 a grapefruit and a teaspoon of ground ginger (as suggested by the instructions and reviews).

After mixing, I left it to sit for about 2+hours (curing). It looks about the same colour before and after curing. I probably should've stirred out all the lumps!

Then I applied it and left it for 3+hours, heating my hair with a hair dryer occasionally.

This is my hair colour before; no edit on the photo. I've got some leftover dyed hair from 2 years ago. I took this photo (and the next one) with a selfie stick LOL.

It turned out like this! The colour wasn't really visible, except in the sunlight. Plus it faded in about 5 washes!

You can see the the inner layers of my hair are still of quite a dark colour! It's likely because my hair there is smoother and less damaged, plus it was the last to get applied so maybe there wasn't enough time.

It didn't stain my pillows or anything but I could smell a hint of henna even after 3 washes. Plus I accidentally stained part(s) of my arm and it didn't go away for a week! Well at least my hair didn't feel damaged and dry after!

I'm quite sure that this is almost the same as this Bee Choo hair treatment thing that my parents go to once a month. It's for hair growth but it dyes their hair (especially their white hair) slightly brown. I've gone for it once before and it does smell and feel very similar! The difference is the price and the effort needed to apply it. The Bee Choo one would be like $30 or so for my length of hair I think! However, they do have like proper steaming equipment and applying techniques so that's probably what you pay for. I've not dyed my hair by myself before and if you're like me then please get someone to help you!!! LOL. I made a mess of it and my friend had to save my hair.

I've bought another box (Bright Red colour) to apply again! Next time, I'll use lots more lemon/grapefruit juice, cure for 3 hours, add more spices, heat my hair more often and leave it in my hair for the maximum of 4 hours. And I won't try applying it by myself again LOL.

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  1. Nice. You even have the various gradations of hyena as a guide. You went through this process fully prepared, knowing what you want and how you want it. It helps that you have the recipe for the dye as well. Good day!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom