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Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant - CNY 2015

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My grandma goes to eat at Eight Treasures often with her temple friends! (The Buddha Tooth Relic temple - a major tourist attraction - is located just at the left.) She's been wanting to bring my family there to eat for a while, so on the 4th day of Chinese New Year, we went there for lunch.

Lol I took this photo to show my aunt where it's located - on the second floor by the way. There's lotsa tour buses along the road!

They have the CNY menu, which unfortunately didn't have the 8 treasures soup and hor fun that my grandma was raving about.

Hehe grandma intently ordering.

This is the Heng Hua Noodles [Medium] ($18.00). It was yummy! Soft and smooth, with the crispy bits of seaweed.

Spinach with Wolfberries Soup [Medium] ($15). The ingredients are quite generous and they added in tang gui too! They said that they don't use MSG, but my grandma can taste that they use the vegetarian mushroom seasoning.

Yam Ring with Vegetables ($25). They've got a fruit option too which sounds quite interesting! The yam ring was super good omg when was the last time I ate this?? Maybe 4 years ago. 

It was a bit on the salty side though, especially the pieces of mock meat.

Ginger Monkey Head Mushroom [Small] ($15). It wasn't especially memorable but it was not bad I guess. Eat too much will get sick of it.

Honey Sauce Veg Pork ($15). Honey!!!!!! Lol I didn't really look at the menu so I didn't know it was honey. Anyway I didn't really like this. The 'meat' part is like veg luncheon meat and the 'fat' part is like konnyaku-ish and yet reminds me too much of the real thing. Lol.

When I went home that day, I saw that Clicknetwork's Food Porn had a new video on Eight Treasures! Haha. They talk more about the food and the cooking methods. And actually almost everything involves the magic that is konnyaku.

Lucky Yu Sheng ($28.80). Usually we have this at the start of the meal but we left it to the last so that my aunt could participate, since she came later. If you don't know what this is, it's like an unhealthy Asian salad that has raw fish.

Things (1/2 bowl oil, 1 bowl plum sauce, cinnamon, pepper, fried crackers, sesame seeds etc.) are poured on the raw/dyed veggies on the plate, while auspicious things are said. 

And then it's ready to be tossed.

I still have no idea which 4 word phrase corresponds to which ingredient. But nevermind, there's now an app for that LOL.

Everyone uses their chopsticks to lift it up while saying more aupicious things and well wishes for the new year ahead.

And then it's ready to eat! Lol the slices of mock abalone.

My family all felt that this tasted very good - much better than the non-veg one from Cold Storage they had during our reunion dinner. ^^

Overall, it was a really good meal! Although some of the dishes were on the salty side, we didn't really feel thirsty afterwards. Many dishes had mock meats but it's fine once in a while. We'll definitely be back with my grandma to try some of her recommendations! :)

(Oh and there's this Well-dressed Salad Bar at level 1, just below Eight Treasures, owned by the same company. It's like a Western-style salad bar. I'm quite surprised that they have eggs in their salad. Because Buddhist vegetarian food doesn't commonly have eggs.)

Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant
282A South Bridge Road
Phone: 6534 7727

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