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Grilled Banana and Seaweed... in a Bagel!

By 21:52

Hello and Happy Chinese New Year! Long time no blog. I've been lazy. :x

I've also not tried any new recipes or photographed food so.. here's something simple that I put together today to get the blogging ball rolling (eww sounds so cliche haha).

A cinnamon raisin bagel filled with seaweed (nori sheets) and grilled, caramelised banana, with a fruity salad - greens, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange and Go Raw Organic Pizza Flax Snax.

The bagel is from The Natural Bagel Co and I bought it at Cold Storage. I think most of their bagels are vegan.

Nutrient-wise, the protein, fat and sodium are quite alright. The fibre is a bit lacking but I don't eat bread to get fibre so it doesn't really matter to me. For the ingredients........ well it's vegan! I view all breads as "not-so-healthy" (yeah even the "wholemeal" ones) because they're highly processed. Still, they're kinda like an integral part of my diet. ._. Like it's the "junk food" in my everyday, non-special-occasion diet. 

Lol I don't know if anyone even understands what I'd just typed. Anyway, I threw this in my freezer last year and forgot about it! It's still perfectly fine. Use a steamer to heat it up, instead of a microwave (microwaving makes it dry). The smell when it's heated is WONDERFUL!! Are there perfumes that smell like that??

Sweet caramelised bananas go well with the savoury seaweed. ^^ It's topped with more seaweed, black sesame seeds, hemp seeds and cracked black pepper.

I used this tiny non-stick grill pan for the bananas! No oil required. This is bought from Cold Storage, for about $8 or so. So much more durable than Daiso pans!

A quick and easy meal. :)

Have a great week ahead!

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