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Antidote: Review and Giveaway!

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Antidote is a new organic cold-pressed juice company in Singapore! You've probably heard of cold-pressed juices as they've increased in popularity in Singapore within the past year or so. The process of cold-pressing retains much more of the nutrients in the fruits/veggies than in regular juicing.

Antidote mostly has juice cleanses and 6-packs, namely the Weight Loss Pack, Skin Rejuvenation Pack, Nut Milk Pack and Pre & Post Workout Pack. Venessa, one of the founders of Antidote, has kindly let me try their products, and I selected the Skin Rejuvenation Pack. My skin hasn't been very good since coming back from New York (it was doing great there but started breaking out on the flight back -_- ) and I wanted to try both their juices and nut milks!

The two green ones are Mt Eden and Mt Fuji. They taste okay to me - slightly sweet and not really bitter. My Dad tried Mt Eden and made a face. I expected that 100% because these kinda green things scare my parents LOL. 

The two orange-y ones are Golden Gate Bridge and The Atlantic. The Atlantic has the shortest ingredient list out of all these juices - apple, pineapple and mint - and this combination tastes quite good. My favourite out of all the 4 juices would be the Golden Gate Bridge! Probably because they include some of my favourite ingredients - sweet potato, carrot, lemon and cinnamon!

The last two are nut milks: Real Cacao Milk and Sesame Hazelnut Milk. The Real Cacao Milk looks pale but the cacao taste is still quite strong. I find that both are just the right thickness and sweetness!

The juices and nut milks can only be kept for 3 days since they're all freshly squeezed and preservative-free. They can be used as a meal replacement or as part of a meal! I had the Golden Gate Bridge juice with kale chips and fruit one morning. :)

After 3 days, I didn't really see significant changes to the condition of my skin. (Other than the fact that I've been picking my pimples oops) I think it's because I generally eat lotsa fruit and veggies so adding cold-pressed juice to my diet isn't a big enough change for my skin to improve visibly. However, for busy people who aren't able to eat piles of fruit and veggies daily, I feel that this is a good option. Like you'll probably see and feel good stuff happening after drinking them haha. Each bottle of juice has like 2-3 pounds of fresh, organic produce woah!

Oh and I really like their packaging too! I've kept the bottles because they're pretty and of good quality.

The lovely people of Antidote are giving out some juices so that you can try them out for yourself! It's an Instagram giveaway that's open to Singapore only, and all you need to do is to follow @antidote_sg on Instagram, repost this photo and hashtag #eyr_antidote! You can see this on my account (@serenesayyian) too.

I'll select 1 winner next Monday, 25th May. If you're the winner, you can choose between the Skin Rejuvenation Pack, Weight Loss Pack, or the 1-day Beginner Juice Cleanse. You can visit their website to read more about them!

All the best and have a great week ahead! ^^

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