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NYC Day 3 (25 Apr) - Green Festival Expo + Hop-on-hop-off tours + Maoz Vegetarian

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It's been over a week since I posted Day 2 oops.

Throughout the trip I used Snapchat to check the temperature lol

So the first stop of the day is the Green Festival Expo, at Javits Center. It was cold so we went to take a bus there (or else it's a 10 min walk) but we had to wait for superrrrr long omg. And it feels much colder when you stand still. -_-

We didn't know about this so we had to buy a ticket and we MISSED A BUS omg

If you ever need to go to Javits just take the metro to 34 St - Penn Station and walk because it's faster and cheaper (if you needa take a train to the bus stop) and you get to burn calories.

Okay at least we got to see how a bus is like.

And we arrived!

It's not a completely vegan expo (I really really wanna go to vegfest or something like that T.T ) but there were many vegan booths! Still need to be careful and check for ingredient lists because some things look vegan but aren't lol (how are they 'green' then?)

The blue band's for re-entry. Bought the tickets at full price because I missed the early bird specials but tickets were free via Groupon?! Oh well not like I would've known to check.

So Delicious ice cream sandwich! 

Gardein. Tried the orange chick'n I think. I as thinking "So this is the mock meat Americans eat". ^^; I like the flavouring but if I remember correctly the texture was... a bit soft and tofu-like. Hmm. I think those frozen mock meats and satays you can find at Fortune Centre taste better actually o_o

Btw many items had to be refrigerated so we couldn't buy much since they wouldn't survive the flight home.

Cooking demo. He was selling some pot that doesn't let water escape or something haha

SuperSeedz. Bought the Maple Sugar & Sea Salt one! 

Follow Your Heart. I think their vegan cheese is much better that Sheese!

Cute (but pricey) shirts and cute-looking smoothies!

This was what I was talking about in front! Only the first tray is vegan.

This too! Only the dark chocolate is vegan. Tasted good though!

Bought a pack of chocolate coated coconut bits here! Haven't opened it yet though haha

Isn't this a super pretty coffin?!?! 

Went to DF Mavens a few days later but forgot to use the discount coupon I got from here omgggg

Fancy-looking chocolate.

We were done walking around and then it was time to eat (after having all those samples lol)!

We got the Japanese Eggplant Vegan Taco! The taco/wrap itself was good but the Togarashi Won Ton (it's just like deep fried wonton skins) was dry and hard o_o

We left the expo and drank this Green Mustache Orange Mango smoothie. It's like super thick and packed with veggies but mum liked it which means it didn't taste raw/muddy/bitter like the veggie-packed smoothies I make lolol

Plus what's great is that the bottle is BPA-free! I've been using it because it's so small and handy!

Here's what we got :)

Walked to Broadway to get tickets for the Hop-on-hop-off tour!

We went to Grey Line. The tour costs $59 for 48 hours. We also bought tickets for other attractions so the guy gave us another 24 hours free... but we ended up not using it haha

So we boarded the bus and here's some photos from the Uptown Loop. There's a tour guide talking about the buildings and history and stuff but I can barely remember anything.

I really like these fluffy white trees!

Central Park.

I can remember what this building's about because it's so funny! I might be wrong but it's the world's first cancer research centre and the building is so rounded because they used to believe that bacteria grow in dark corners!!!

The Met Museum (went during Day 2)

The tour ended (we didn't hop off) and we went to have dinner at Maoz Vegetarian. It's like a Mediterranean chain restaurant that's similar to Pita Pan in Singapore. This outlet is kinda small.

Brown rice bowl and sandwich!

And then we started the Night Tour (which isn't hop-on-hop-off). Yeah it's not night-time yet lol. We boarded before 7 I think.

Flat-iron building. (Kinda bothers me that this photo isn't straight but I'm not bothered enough to do something about it.)

Pink-streaked skies

I looked at this photo and I was like omg the Manhattan Portage logo! I didn't link Mantattan with Manhattan Portage previously lol

We went to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge.

Not many photos because the moving bus and the darkness makes photo quality bad. :( But look the streets are flooded with people wow.

That's the end of day 3! Thanks for reading! :)

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