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NYC Day 2 (24 Apr) - Whole Foods + Central Park picnic + cherry blossoms + Met Museum + Peacefood Cafe

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Lol my titles are so long but how else would you know if there's anything worth your time to read in this post? ^^; 

Super yummy banana cake from Erin Mckenna's bakery on Day 1!

Mum always insists on having something to eat before we leave house, and usually I'm like that too when I'm in Singapore but in NYC I'd rather save my stomach space for the food that I have planned for the rest of the day!

Oh and I love how the daylight hours are so long - feels like we can do lotsa stuff! Like it gets bright at 6 and it only gets dark at 8.

The painting on the wall opposite my Airbnb apartment!

This is where we stayed. It's like what you see on TV oooooh.

I don't know if it was the stairs at the metro station (no escalators, few stations have lifts) or the stairs at the apartment (probably both) but within a couple of days my legs were tired and I could literally feel more muscles on my thighs hahaha

I see lotsa people reading actual books in the trains! Sometimes there are buskers too (probably when they're heading to another station?)

Took the orange line to 59 St Columbus Circle. It's like at one corner of Central Park. Oh yeah there's this NYC Subway app that's quite helpful.

We were looking for Whole Foods and turned out that it's in this building! I did lotsa navigating this trip although I'm normally a road idiot. It's all thanks to Google Maps (not Apple maps) that we were able to get to where we wanted to go haha!

Woohoo Whole Foods!!!

I really regret not buying this! But we were going to be out for the rest of the day and this had to refrigerated so... Plus we were going to another Whole Foods towards the end of the day - but that Whole Foods was smaller and didn't have this!!! T.T *sigh*

A whole shelf of vegan meats!


This is the prepared food section.

Salad bar yay! Each thing has an ingredient list and sometimes it states that it's vegan.

Anyway we were at Whole Foods to get stuff to picnic so we got a salad...

And some sushi and miso soup from this Japanese stall (?). They weren't open for the full menu yet so we didn't get to try their dragon rolls. They made us some vegan sushi upon request though!

And off to Central Park!

Do you know why there are hardly any people in the photos?


Okay maybe because it was a weekday morning too. But mostly because it was cold hahaha. Anyway we were here on the second day of the trip for the cherry blossoms! Like if it rained the next few days it'll all fall off or something.

There were still some people jogging though!

First glimpse of the cherry blossoms!

They still look super pretty when unedited!

Mum took this and that's me in the distance taking photos haha

Some other flower that's really pink!

Okay time for the picnic!

So we had brown rice avo-cucumber sushi, pumpkin miso soup (mum drank some of it before this photo was taken), salad and tea. Lol the weather was cold (with occasional gusts of wind) and the food was cold!!!! My fingers were numb and I couldn't hold my chopsticks properly hahahaha! We finished the salad and soup and quickly packed up LOL. By the way the oil-free hummus from the salad bar is really smooth and creamy!

We left Central Park to walk to Met Museum!

We walked out to the main road and on the way to the Met Museum - I needa type this in caps - THE WIND WAS SO STRONG AND BLOWING INTO MY EYES THAT MY LEFT EYE TEARED AND MY NON-WATERPROOF $1 E.L.F EYELINER RAN HAHAHAHA. Like my left eye filled with tears and I blinked once and 90% of my eyeliner streamed down my eye OMG. Imagine what the people in the cars saw LOL. Now I realise the importance of waterproof eyeliners

Metropolitan Museum

It's where the Met Gala is held ooooh

Lotsa food trucks outside!

It was cold but we couldn't go in yet because we had to finish our food T.T

Lol at least the museum blocks like half of the wind!!

Then we finally got in to the warmth!!

There's a suggested entrance fee to pay but it's up to you to give as much as you want.

Haha we were cold so we went to the food court. Mum ALWAYS looks for hot drinks to buy.

It was like US$0.30 for a cup of hot water I think so we each got one.. and then it's so weird to just buy hot water so we got the pretzels too LOL

Hehe there's people sleeping.

It must be really creepy at night.

I don't really know how to appreciate art so I can't say much about this place (other than the fact that it's huge!) but some places have really good lighting haha!

Vibrant fruit & veggie cart along the streets!

Then we took the metro to Union Square! Mostly for the Whole Foods but also for the Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW).

Oh and by the way, Trader Joe's is just down the street to the left!!! Wow I didn't know until a few days later.

They have lotsa shoes and it's supposedly cheaper than other stores but it's not that cheap when compared to Singapore too. Maybe because I'm considering the exchange rate.

There's this other store called Burlington one level up and they sell clothes at discounted prices. I don't know about the other clothes but the sportswear are cheap! There are like Nike, Adidas, Penn etc and some other brands I don't recognise. I got a US$9.99 sports bra from some brand that starts with S (I can't remember) and it's like my favourite one now because it's super comfortable!

Oh and these photos were taken from the window at Burlington. That's Union Square. Been there a couple of times this trip and there's often people doing campaigns/demonstrations like these! Once there was a man wearing only gold swimming trunks lol

Went to Peacefood Cafe for an early dinner. It's a walkable distance away.

They have desserts and people say that it's really good but we were too full after our meal to have any!

We were seated at the back of the cafe.

Next time I want to seat at the front and have good lighting ^^; 

The Vegan Cheeseburger didn't really look like a burger but the taste and the texture of the patty was so REAL. The Penne Un-chicken Parmesan (behind) would've been much better if it wasn't so salty! The drink at the side is the Ginger Soy Latte which was nicely spicy. I like ginger normally but I like it even more when it's cold because it's warming!

Last stop for the day is the Union Square Whole Foods!

So many grains and beans and stuff omg

And you can grind your own peanut/almond butter!!!!

The discounted bars are 4 for US$5, but at Trader Joe's it's cheaper  - 99c each! I didn't know and bought some here. (And I thought that I had enough and didn't buy more at TJ's?!?! Omg I might never know what a Luna bar tastes like because I won't spend more than S$3 on a bar lol)

OoOooOOoooOoo vegan desserts

Bought some Earth Balance popcorn too and Mum was worried about how we were going to bring it back to SG in our luggage... 

But we (mostly me haha) finished them both during the trip. The Way Better tortilla chips too lol ^^;

Day 3 will be up in a few days! Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Aah, i always love to read/look at your travel diary posts! Especially since i probably won't ever travel to the USA because it's so damn expensive...!

    By the way, this "other flower that's really pink" is a magnolia, in case you were wondering :)

    Looking forward to part 3!


    1. Haha thanks Maisy! Glad to know that someone likes my posts although they're so long LOL. Hmm maybe next time when the exchange rate goes down you can go? ^^; I'll definitely go back someday (when it's cheaper) hehe. Ohh so that's a magnolia! :x