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I'm Back! + Fruit&chia Platter

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Hello! Haven't blogged in forever! Didn't even finish about my New York trip lol. And it's not because I'm busy either - I don't know if I've mentioned it here before but I ended poly in Feb this year and I'll be going to QUT to study dietetics in Feb next year. 

I've been working a bit but not full-time so I'm still home a lot of the time.. watching shows. Lol I can almost feel my brain rotting. The most study-ish thing I've done is the eCornell Plant-based Nutrition course (I'll blog about it in a later post). And the next most thing that makes me use my brain is watching The Genius (Korean reality game show) lol.

You've probably noticed that my blog design has changed. I did it 2 weeks ago using a template but the template's html is so confusing I don't know how to change things. -_- Like I have at least 5 different fonts and the Latest Post section is weird when you click the next button. And when you click on a picture in a post it blows up and takes up the entire screen. I really can't fix it so I shall live with it lol. Maybe I'll change to Wordpress or Tumblr next time.

Oh and my blog header is done by my friend Amanda! Isn't it lovely?

(haha I was inspired by her to try hand lettering/calligraphy so I bought a Copic marker.. but it's been sitting in a drawer ever since)

The food in the picture is pretty self-explanatory.

That's all for this post! I'll see if I can post at least twice a week haha. Too bad I missed the Vegan MoFo sign up or else I'd have the motivation to post 5 days a week lol ^^;

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