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Banana+strawberry Smoothie Bowl

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All my smoothie bowls are essentially melted nice-cream #painsoflivinginsingapore

Banana strawberry smoothie topped with blueberries, raspberries, kiwifruit, passionfruit and chocolate sauce, with rye crispbread.

Berries are kinda cheaper lately! Seems like fig season is in too but they're so expensive!

I LOVE eating rye crispbread. I used to eat the Wasa brand but it seems like supermarkets don't stock Original anymore so I've moved on to the Ryvita brand. Dark rye is my favourite - it's just made of wholegrain rye flour and salt - and I dip it into soymilk to eat because if you eat it alone all the crumbs stick in your throat and make you choke lol

Ah delicious cardboard~

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