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Avo Toast & Fruit-loaded Oats

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Smashed avocado on rye toast with berries, chocolate sauce and tahini, plus vanilla oatmeal topped with kiwifruit, berries, passionfruit, chocolate sauce and hemp seeds.

Wow there's only like 3 months left in 2015

I hope I don't regret how I've spent this year

Probably going to Korea (Seoul) or Japan (Tokyo) at the end of this month with mum but it's so hard to decide between the two because each has their pros and cons. Actually at first I wanna go Korea and mum wanna go Japan but after thinking for a day or two I think Japan might be better but mum now says Korea might be better lol ._. Hopefully we decide soon because deciding on an airbnb and planning the itinerary takes me forever. And if we go Tokyo then language should be okay enough since mum's learnt Japanese for years but if we go Seoul then I needa borrow a phrasebook and intensively study my Survival Korean book to make the most out of the trip lolol

Have a lovely Thursday! :)

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  1. Love to see you back with your pretty food pictures!! <3

    by the way, also love the new look of your blog! which blogger template is this?!

    xx maisy

    1. Hi Maisy! Haha long time no chat! Thanks, glad you like my blog template! :) I got it from cotemplates[dot]com but the html is too tricky to change so I've got some issues here and there but I can't do anything to fix it ._.

    2. shame! it's such a pretty template though. it's the Kitkat one, right? i was looking for a new one myself, but i'm not really a pro when it comes to html, so maybe no new template for me right now :D