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Baked Banana-oat Waffles

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The basic banana-oat cake I always make, in waffle form! I used a silicon waffle mold for this and it turned out surprisingly well. I had to remove the baked waffles from the mold and bake the other side further so the square holes cook properly, but this uses no oil so I don't mind the longer prep time.

I topped it with date jam (pureed dates), tahini, berries, kiwi and passionfruit. Also had yummy Yogi Caramel Apple Spice tea ^^

I think the banana-oat cake recipe is somewhere on my blog but I'm lazy to find and link it so here it is: Pulse about 1/3 to 1/2 cup rolled oats in a food processor until it turns into (coarse) flour. Puree 2/3 medium banana and stir it in. Add 1 tsp baking powder. Add non-dairy milk or water to thin it. Bake at 180 deg C for 10-15 mins (depending on baking pan/mold)

I bought the waffle mold from taobao (S$3.60 excluding shipping and fees) and I also got a stovetop waffle pan. The pan looks scary though. I might just stick to using this ^^;

Going to Tokyo tomorrow woohoo! I'll be back next month with lotsa posts on my trip - I'll keep the posts organised and consise and hopefully finish what I plan to write lol!

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