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MELBOURNE // Hash + Hardware Societe + Fitzrovia + 7apples Gelato + Top Paddock + Queen Vic Night Market

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Continuing on from my previous post on vegan/vegetarian places in Melbourne, here's what I had when I went to non-vegan cafes/eateries!

✧ Hash 
The first place we went to was Hash Specialty Coffee for lunch, because Hardware Societe (which was where we planned to go to) had a super long wait time. This is the Espresso Pannacotta ($15.5) from their all-day breakfast menu. It's not only vegan, but also gluten free! 

From their (also all-day) lunch menu there's a vegan and gluten free Spiced Pumpkin Salad ($16.5) but I thought a panna cotta was more exciting. It was pretty smooth and wasn't too sweet. Actually I'm just amazed that a non-vegan establishment has a vegan dessert! Also had a soy cappuccino ($3.8+$0.5 for soy) and I was fairly full lol.

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roaster
113 Hardware St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

✧ Hardware Societe 
The next day, we arrived at Hardware Societe before it opened and there was already a queue! There was really nothing on the menu that's vegan, so I had toast with jam ($6.5) and a matcha latte ($4.5+$0.5 for soy). The other option would be to severely modify a $20 mushroom toast and I wasn't too keen on that. The waiter was helpful but it'll be nice if they had even one vegan option.

Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Mon-Fri 7.30am-3pm
Sat-Sun 8am-3pm

✧ Fitzrovia 
After visiting the Brighton Beach bathing boxes, we went to Fitzrovia for lunch. I had the Chickpea and organic black quinoa falafel ($18.5) which is vegetarian and gluten free. According to the menu it also comes "with turmeric roast cauliflower & smoked eggplant caviar, sumac spiced labne (omitted from my order), minted pine nut dukkah & pomegranate". Cool! Quite pricey for a salad but it's also the cheapest lunch item haha. Two of my friends got salads too, one had the same as mine but with labne (yoghurt) and the other had a Whole grain new seasons asparagus salad ($18.5). Let's just say.. I think that the falafel salad is more worth having lol ^^; 

A section on the menu states "Our dishes are created with specific profiles in mind - no alterations please" which sounds unfriendly but they removed the labne for me!

2/155 Fitzroy St
St Kilda VIC 3182
Mon-Tue 7am-3pm
Wed-Fri 7am-9pm
Sat 8am-9pm
Sun 8am-4pm

✧ 7apples Gelato 
Y'know sometimes when you go into an empty shop and suddenly 2 minutes later it's crowded..? There must be some science behind that lol

Anyway at 7apples Gelato I got a chocolate + blueberry gelato ($5.5) and I really liked the chocolate one especially! It was rich and creamy and not ice-y as expected. They have a few more vegan options too!

During this trip we had gelato nearly every day! There're always vegan options which is great ^^ And it's quite affordable too.

7apples Gelato
75 Acland St
St Kilda VIC 3182
Daily 10.30am-10pm

✧ Top Paddock 
We woke up early to travel to this cafe because apparently the queues could get quite long. We arrived at 7+am to no queues haha. Unfortunately there was nothing vegan on the menu here so I had to build my own! I had avocado with lime & ash salt ($6) and toast and a mocha ($4+$0.2 for soy). Ignoring the price, the avocado half was huge & perfect and the salt made it amazing!! I don't add salt itself to food so I'd probably not have realised how good it tasted together! Probably not the same salt but when I went to Sydney I bought black salt from The Cruelty Free Shop (before it opened here in Brisbane)...and I've not even opened the package LOL

After this we killed time for 1h+ while waiting for Pana Chocolate to open haha

Top Paddock
658 Church St
Richmond VIC 3121
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

✧ Queen Victoria Night Market 
Not a cafe/restaurant but I'll include this here anyway. If I'm not wrong this is only open on Wednesday evenings in Winter and Summer!

I didn't try this but Rice and Dice has vegan options - according to what's stated 2 are vegan and 2 are veganisable!

Babaj's Kitchen also has a vegan masala dosa and I think one or two other vegan options. I didn't try this either omg 

From The Mushroom Co I had The Vegan ($10) and corn (+$3 as part of a combo).

If I remember correctly the corn had parmesan cheese which they asked if I wanted removed..? If so that's nice that they thought about that haha

There were 2 mushrooms inside which was more than I'd expected! It's quite a simple burger but it wasn't dry because of the mushrooms and the rocket leaves were quite fresh

And of course.. 

Gelato again!

So that's all I've got to share about my Melbourne trip! The vegan/veganisable items at non-vegan cafes are decent (I wouldn't purposely go there unless I'm with my friends) but it'll be nice if more cafes have at least one vegan dish ^^

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