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Vegan Macau Snack Souvenirs

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Took a longer break than intended (it's almost Chinese New Year!) but starting off with an easy post about Macau souvenirs!

The two on the left are from Koi Kei Bakery (Pastelaria Koi Kei) and they are peanut candy and jujube (Chinese date) & walnut candy. I think these and sesame candy are the only things vegan there - other items all have eggs/milk powder/lard.

There aren't samples for the jujube & walnut candy (the one in the blue box)... Let's just say that it's understandable because otherwise no-one might buy it hahaha. Sticks to your teeth and unless you enjoy the bitterness of walnuts I don't suggest you get it. It's about S$8-9 for 18 pieces I think.

The peanut candy is pretty basic and it can't go wrong. This one has some coconut flakes!

There's also a Koi Kei bakery in Chinatown, Singapore lol. It might be cheaper in Macau? 

The almond cakes on the right of the 1st photo come from Choi Heong Yuen Bakery

They have quite a lot of flavours and sizes of Almond Cakes but make sure to read the ingredients list as some have dairy (like the Ginger flavour) and some have lard.

I saw this being sold at Fairprice here and IT WAS CHEAPER lol omg why?? These are about S$9 in Macau but they were about S$7+ here 

They also have cheapo looking ones at the supermarket, about S$3-4, which happen to be vegan. I don't know how they compare taste-wise though!

So I bought those 3 items back and gave them to people. I don't know if they actually enjoy it though because I don't quite enjoy it myself LOL sorry friends. But the peanut one is not bad and I ate a lot of it ^^; It'll be nice if there were commercially available, individually packaged vegan Wife Cakes (lao po bing) because I'm pretty sure they'll taste better haha

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