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VGML Vegan Airplane Meal Compilation

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I love airplane food! I mean, it doesn't always taste the best but it's still the highlight of a flight for me. Here's a list of most of my airplane food experiences since I've been vegan. Feels like I've had more than this but I guess I take budget flights more often heh

If you didn't know, you can opt for a Vegan Vegetarian Meal (VGML) online before your flight. And you get your food earlier than the others - I usually wait until other people get their food before eating haha

Singapore to Hong Kong // Cathay Pacific // 2016
This is from my most recent trip to Hong Kong/Macau! The thing that looks like mashed potatoes is actually polenta.

Mum was tired of the vegan meal (she's sick of the spinach clump LOL) so she got the Oriental Vegetarian. It looks vegan but maybe it has dairy? The dessert and margarine is different!

Hong Kong to Singapore // Cathay Pacific // 2017
Singapore to Brisbane // Singapore Airlines // 2016
To the beginning of a new journey in Brisbane :')

Singapore to Tokyo // Japan Airlines // 2015

 I liked this because it has 2 more 'courses' than usual! And dessert that isn't fruit - I like fruit but will jump at the chance to try a vegan dessert haha! I don't think it tasted fantastic though. The mushroom patty was pretty good but Mum didn't like it so I finished hers lol

Tokyo to Singapore // Japan Airlines // 2015
So much fruit and veg and NO BREAD. I love bread but this was something nice for a change.

Singapore to Hong Kong (to New York City) // Cathay Pacific // 2015
This was supper I think!

New York City to Hong Kong (to Singapore) // Cathay Pacific // 2015
Singapore to Melbourne // Qantas // 2012
My very first airplane VGML! I was impressed with the muffin because it was also the first vegan cake I had ^^ I've been hoping to get some yummy baked goods like this ever since but nope - probably because Qantas is Australian and Australia has better availability of vegan bakes? While those I've been taking are Asian airlines?

Overall I like the JAL one the most but I really don't mind anything as long as there's food lol. :') My standards are so low I literally finish every speck of food except the margarine! ^^;

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