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Fruit Platters

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I love having fruit platters! They're so simple to prepare and yet they naturally taste great and look so pretty! ☺ I usually have them for breakfast, as a snack or as a part of lunch.
This one here is my favourite so far - because of how colourful it is! Though I did break many fruit combining rules lols :x
Strawberries, orange, watermelon, plum and frozen banana slices and grapes, with hemp hearts and cacao nibs. If you've not tried freezing your fruit before, do try them! They take on a completely different texture - ice-cream-y for bananas, sorbet-y for grapes etc.
See the creepy smiley face? ^^ Green kiwi, golden kiwi, orange, apple, frozen blueberries and grapes. The green mush is just 1/4 avocado.

This is my most recent one! Black figs, pomegranate arils, blueberries, black grapes, strawberries, frozen bananas and mint! The brown squggle is raw chocolate, made of raw cacao and coconut oil. It hardened into a 'hard-shell'! Bananas + Chocolate = ♥♥♥
This was my first time having figs at home! I thought I missed the fig season and I was so happy to find it in the supermarket over the weekend ☺

Starfruit, strawberry, lime, persimmon, orange, banana, blueberries, black grapes, coconut flakes and hemp hearts. I thought this looked ugly so I didn't post it on Instagram..

My very first fruit platter! Banana, kiwi, orange, frozen raspberries, white dragonfruit and a tangy dressing made of 2 parts banana, 1 part raw tahini and 1 part lemon juice.
Have fun creating and enjoying your own fruit platter! ☺

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