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My Banana Island Experience

By 22:33

I ended Banana Island on Sunday morning. I did it for 6 days + 1 breakfast this time! For more about what Banana Island is and why I did it, view this post.

I felt that it's more difficult than how I remembered it to be! :/ Well, maybe not the last couple of days, but the first 3 days were hard. I attribute it to my months of unhealthy (unhealthier-than-usual) eating prior to the start of banana island. I often felt like I wanted to eat salty things. I didn't feel that way when I did 3 days of banana island previously! :( I just got easily sick of the sweetness. I was craving fries (specifically those very crispy fries from About Animals in Taipei) for the first couple of days, but during the last few I wanted tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, seaweed and other natural sources of sodium... That's an improvement at least.

Somehow, in recent months, bananas at room temperature kinda repulse me. So I more-or-less had frozen bananas (blended into 'nice cream') for most meals. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. ^^

I ate a whole lot more medjool dates this time than previously! I consumed about 1.5kg of it, when previously I probably had less than 200g (in 3 days). It probably accounted for at least 1/3 of my caloric intake. They are DELICIOUS. And those from Mustafa are perfectly soft, chewy, sweet and huge.

Red = fat. Green = protein. Blue = carbs, or course.

However, it was hard to keep my caloric intake up and reach at least 2500 kcal. :( That was my aim, but if I had enough then I didn't force it. I counted my calories using Cronometer. I weighed my bananas and dates this time so I'm more accurate! I believe it's because of the leftover food in my digestive system from before...

But maybe it's because of a lack of physical activity. Mostly because I was engrossed in reading (recently bought a pile of good books from a thrift store) for a large part of the duration of Banana Island. I also didn't really feel like exercising (and I didn't, other than Bikram yoga on the weekends). On hindsight, exercise is really important and I should have at least gone for a 1 hour walk in the morning on the treadmill in the gym (that's what I did previously) to kick-start my metabolism and digestion! I'll not neglect this component next time!! Here's a good video by Durianrider about Cronometer and the importance of fitness/sleep (at the very end).

Hydration - Somehow I didn't really drink much water this time. My pee was hardly ever clear. I kept on forgetting to drink water =_= Also, I think I lost a negligible amount of weight. Which is surprising because I expected to lose some water retention.

On most days, I had bananas, medjool dates, organic cinnamon and raw carob, but I added in organic spinach at dinner on 3 or 4 days.

Despite this Banana Island experience being not so fruitful (pun intended), I did experience some benefits! I feel more drawn towards healthy, unprocessed, whole foods, as compared to packaged junk which I found really hard to resist before this. I'm also having more raw breakfasts - usually a smoothie or nice cream. My digestion seems to have picked up. It's still not as efficient as I remember it to be, but hopefully continual healthy eating will improve it! :)

Here are some photos of what I ate.

Banana smoothie bowl (frozen bananas + water) topped with chopped medjool dates and organic cinnamon.

Banana 'ice cream' with some carob powder stirred in.

Spinach banana nice cream.
I wish I had a food processor - so that my nice cream will actually turn out looking like ice cream.

Small little snack plate.

9-banana nice cream (half with carob, half plain) with hastily-whipped-up carob cinnamon sauce. And a good read.

Banana smoothie topped with carob powder.

Frozen banana-carob-date squares. Topped with carob-date sauce.

Messily layered banana carob smoothie.
Shiok = a Singlish expression meaning good, enjoyable, delicious.

View this post to read about my other banana island experience.
Hopefully this won't stop you from trying out Banana Island for yourself! I know that I'll be doing it again ^^

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