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Taiwan Day 2: Yang Ming Shan + Xi Men Ding

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The sun rises quite early, so most of us were up before our alarms were set to ring at 8am. 

Breakfast every morning was oatmeal, sometimes with fruit. Good thing I brought rolled oats with me - otherwise I would've had to eat junk at breakfast too @_@. I just microwaved oats with water (this is what's shown here) and stirred in unsweetened soymilk (bought at the convenience store the previous night) until creamy. I love oatmeal, and a bowl of hot oatmeal in the cold morning is even better!!

Our first stop that day was Yang Ming Shan, which is supposedly famous for cherry blossoms. We took the metro to Taipei Main Station, and then we crossed the road to one of the bus stops in front of the Taipei Railway Station as shown here.

We took bus 260 and it was quite a long journey to Yang Ming Shan (it was also quite a long wait for the bus) - about 45 mins, I believe.

I don't really understand why sometimes you only need to tap the EasyCard when you board the bus, and why sometimes you need to tap when you alight, and why sometimes you needa tap both times. o_o

Then we arrived! It was a hazy day.

We decided to go around and explore by ourselves first.

We saw some cherry blossoms (are they really?) but they were disappointingly little.

We couldn't find anything else to see so we went back to where we alighted from bus 260 to take bus 108. It was a small bus which brought us further up to the mountain. It was actually quite scary because the road was so bumpy, and we could barely see the road in from of us because of the haze! :x There wasn't actually anywhere to go either actually - no fields of flowers because of the time of the year, and it was too hazy and to dangerous to go to the waterfall. There were also two other girls in the bus who were as clueless as we were LOL.

So the driver brought us back down to see calla-lilies, and we finally alighted after wasting quite a lot of time.

Lols I can't be bothered to read that, but I think that it's a poem.

We didn't even know about these calla-lilies! -_- 

Pretty pink flowers.

Look at the haze. It's like we were in the clouds!

We came across more flowers.

We walked up, only to find this small stretch of flower stalls. We couldn't understand why anyone would want to come to this place. So we went back down, tired and hungry. 

However, later that day, I saw a Facebook friend post a picture of a field of calla-lillies in Taiwan (everyone's going to Taiwan nowadays)!!!! So that was what we missed out on. -_- It would really be good if there were signs to help tourists like us. 

Cute pandas on the train floor.

We went to Xi Men Ding, which can be accessed by Xi Men Metro Station, Exit 6. It's like Singapore's Bugis area (not Bugis street though) - lotsa youths everywhere, and lotsa branded retail shops. It's more of a shopping place than a food place.

We didn't buy much here, because clothes were expensive.

There were few cafes with vegetarian options (I Googled then for vegan food in Xi Men Ding, but I found nothing), so we settled on the Pasta Bar. I had the Pumpkin Mushroom Fresh Vegetables, which was the only one labelled as lacto-ovo-vegetarian. They didn't even have aglio olio or some plain tomato based pasta. I decided that it would be fine, since we were tired and hungry, and how bad can it be?

IT WAS BAD. Much worse than what I'd expected. The sauce tasted like concentrated Campbell corn soup, and I tasted no pumpkin. It was overpoweringly thick and creamy. There was this awful film forming on the surface of the cream sauce. Omg I think that this is almost on par with a pasta I had in a dream (or nightmare) that I woke up feeling disgusted and guilty about - prawn pasta in a cream sauce. I still finished this though - I tried my best to scrape and drain as much of the sauce off as possible. It was the worst meal of the trip.

My friends didn't like what they had either.

Cute magnets! Those sold here were wayyy overpriced. If I recall correctly, those at the Miniatures Museum were the cheapest, surprisingly. 

And then we left to head back to our apartment.

Bought back some ripe bananas (I was so happy that they were spotty!) from a fruit stall below our apartment for NT170. They were to be shared but I wiped out all but 3 bananas hehe :x I had a bunch for dinner that night, with some junk that I couldn't resist eating. 

Day 3 will be posted tomorrow morning! ^^

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