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Taiwan Day 3: Miniature Museum + Hello Kitty Cafe + Wu Fen Pu

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This was a great day because of all the CUTE STUFF!!! 
This post has a whole lot of photos.

First up, we went to the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan (MMOT). To get there, we took the metro to Nanjing E Road on the brown line, and then walked there. It was quite a long walk, and we relied on Google Maps and a friendly construction worker's directions to get there. 

Now that I look at the MMOT pamphlet, it says that the nearest metro station is Songjiang Nanjian, Exit 4. I don't see that on the map (is it misspelled?), but there's one station called Songjiang Nanjing, that just 2 stops away from our apartment?? :O

The museum, like the items exhibited, was also quite... mini.

It was at the basement of the building, and it was just one floor.

If you bring your student pass (doesn't matter if it's not from Taiwan), you'll get a discount - NT150 instead of NT180. Sadly I didn't bring mine.

It was a Friday, but it was still quite crowded - you can't see that here, because somehow the crowds came just after we entered!

Hehehe somehow I find this photo so awkward and funny! XD I'm the one who initiates all the photos of entry passes/ train tickets etc together haha.

We had a stamp on our hands for re-entry, since the toilet is outside.

The first display to greet us was a Barbie one.

Ooh how interesting.

This is my favourite one LOL. I think she could be a fruitarian.

A messy kitchen.

A huge house. 
I think that these don't really need captions.

Oooh veggies.

A tea party! How fun.

I'd LOVE a lawn like this.



Jack and the Beanstalk.

These and the next few are miniature rooms fitted into the walls!


Miniatures in a Miniature room.

This room is creepy.

I love this house too!!! This place provides great home decor inspiration hehe.

Christmas Time!

A printing press.

A photo-taking room.

The only room with an Asian influence.

Super cute tea pots!!!

Pretty jars! I love jars even when they're useless hehe.

Alice in Wonderland. Hmm why isn't Alice wearing a black hairband?

I think that this setting will fit right into a murder mystery haha. Agatha Christie maybe.


EDIT: A reader has informed me that these are in fact bisons LOL *sheepish*

Such a cute store!

Bales of hay and boxes of... kale? ^^

An old Japanese street scene!

There's a 'Passport' you can purchase at the front counter to stamp on with stamps located around the museum.

Dining hall of a mansion. It seems like there's only fruits on the table.

Then, we went to the souvenir shop!

So cute! 

I couldn't find any mini carrots on sale :(

I bought a spice rack, a plate of salad and bread on a chopping board! ^^

Overall, MMOT is a really fun place to visit! I was constantly awed by the great attention of detail. So many cute stuff!!! ^^

Then, we went to this place for lunch! We passed by it when we walked to MMOT from the metro station.

It wasn't actually a buffet - it's  like a 菜饭 stall, but with a huge variety of dishes to choose from! They didn't let me take a photo from the inside ._.

This cost NT85 in total. So cheap! It was NT10 for the soup - I chose green bean soup, but there was also miso soup available.

The rice was short-grained; fluffy and delicious! I chose potatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, eggplant and leafy greens. As expected, they were oily (especially the eggplant), but not horrifyingly oily like the veggies at lunch on Day 1. 


Next, we headed to the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, WHEEE! I didn't even know that I liked Hello Kitty so much. Everything's so PINK 

It's a 5 minute walk from Zhong Xiao metro station, Exit 3. It's best to make a reservation, because it gets really crowded there. We made a reservation that morning, but we were only able to get a 3.30pm slot. And they only let us in at exactly 3.30pm though we were like.. 45 mins early.
 There's a minimum spending of NT300 per person. It's open from 11.30 am to 10pm.

Such a pretty interior! The waitress' uniforms are so cute too.

We've already read reviews that the food here tastes horrible, so we didn't have much expectations for it. It's just nice to take photos with!

 Bring your polaroid camera along to take photos while waiting!

We finally got a seat!

I was quite very happy there haha

As expected, no dessert on the menu was vegan. I chose something (Chocolate Domes) anyway! These sets come with a drink each.

They also sold savoury food (pasta, burgers etc) but the desserts look way cuter!

The toilet is so pretty!

Our drinks arrived first.

My friend Eunice ordered ala carte.

My Chocolate Dome.

The shadow gives me a unibrow hahahahahahaha

The drink I chose was tropical mixed fruit juice. This was actually good - it's real! I expected something made with syrup. There weren't any cute decorations though -_-

The ganache has a pearly sheen of fine glitter!

It came with a pudding that had a slightly eggy taste. It's not mango pudding, though that's what it looks like.

Amanda had this and I can't remember what it's called.

Cassandra's Oreo Cheese Pie.

Ya Fan's Tiramisu.

We all agreed that mine tasted the best LOL. It really was quite good - smooth chocolate ganache on the outside, a chocolate piece at the top, and fluffy cake inside!

The macaron was horrible though - it's just a piece of sugar.

If they come up with a vegan dessert, I'll fly to Taiwan just to eat it.


Next up, we went to Wu Fen Pu. To get there, go to Hou Shan Pi metro station, Exit 4. It's a wholesale market. The prices are higher here as compared to Shilin, so what we mostly did was to just rummage through the sale racks (NT100-200 usually). Managed to buy quite a few things! There isn't much street food here though.

Ooh cute pancake pan.

We were on the way to leave when we came across these lightly salted steamed corn!! 

I got the yellow one. It was DELICIOUS! I wished that I'd tried the white corn and bought a few more.

Then we got back to the apartment for the rest of our dinner. The others had intestine mee sua (~.~") while I had 6 bananas, soymilk and some water apples. I don't know why, but it tasted like HEAVEN. Since when did bananas and soymilk taste so good?!?!

Stay tuned for the post on Day 4 later today! ^^

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  1. i absolutely love your Taiwan diary! i'm getting itchy feet just by looking at your pictures - i'd love to go to Taiwan, or even better Thailand! i hope i'll get to do that soon. haha, by the way i thought the same about the murder mystery setting :'D lol. aren't those "sheep" bisons though?
    all the best ~

    1. Aww thank you!! :D Haha glad that we think the same way ;) Now that I look closely, the 'sheep' DO have horns!! ><" Lols you're right! I hope that you'll get a chance to visit Taiwan/Thailand in the near future! ^^