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Taiwan Day 5: iVegan Supermarket + About Animals Vegan cafe + Cafe' Dog & Cats + Longshan Temple night market

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Time flew by quickly, and soon it was already the second last day of the trip! Our group of 5 split up for the first part of the day; Ya Fan, Eunice and Cassandra went to see some museums, while Amanda and I went to the iVegan Supermarket (since we've already been to those museums)! 

It's located at Wanlong metro station. Just go out through Exit 1, and look down the alley at the left! There's signs all the way to the supermarket ^^ It's nestled in an area of low-rise housing.

We hardly saw any supermarkets in our area and as we travelled around, though there were lots and lots of convenience stores! 
In Chinese, iVegan is , where 爱 (ai) means love and sounds like 'i', and 根 (wei gen) isn't a formal phrase but it sounds like 'vegan'.

I was so happy. :D I love going to supermarkets, and this is the first fully vegan supermarket I've been too!! Thanks Amanda for pei-ing me. ^^

Lols that store personnel saw me taking this photo and told me that no photography is allowed :x 

It was quite a small supermarket, but the variety of fresh produce was impressive! It had what you'll normally find in a supermarket, but everything's VEGAN! :D Of course there's unhealthy food here too, including MSG-laden stuff, but it's still wonderful as there's no need to scrutinize labels for non-vegan ingredients, and you can shop with a peace of mind!! Other than fresh produce, frozen mock meats, packaged food (they had Tofutti cream cheese and some Earth Balance spreads too), cooking equipment, there was also cruelty-free makeup, shampoo and bath soap! Wow I wish that there's such a thing in Singapore. But there isn't enough demand as of now, I guess. :( And yet, maybe replacing regular supermarkets with vegan ones is what it takes for people to eat more compassionately.

I only got a few items as it was the first stop of the day and I didn't want to lug a whole bag of stuff around! The glass bottles of plant milks were AS HEAVY AS HEAVY ROCKS though (I wanted to bring them back home).   ><

I bought mushroom seaweed floss, vegetarian instant curry (it has MSG, but this is the first time I've seen this veganized!), bamboo salt & pepper seasoning (just a dash makes food taste wonderful!), and plant milks. I spent NT354 in total.

There were quite a lot of choices of plant milks there. I chose peanut & rice milk and almond milk. Both are sweetened, but they were only NT16 each (I think). They were of just the right thickness, but it's be great if it contained just a quarter of the sugar! 

I also bought Loving Hut's Blue-green Algae cookies, which were far from healthy (according to my standards) but how can I resist blue-green cookies?! Haha. However, when I got back to Singapore, mum noticed that it's already EXPIRED! :O It was best before the end of December last year -_- They weren't really fresh but I didn't get a stomach ache from eating them. They were crumbly but kinda heavy - like butter cookies I guess. Still, I finished it in 3 days... :x 

We were done with the supermarket much earlier that we'd expected, so we wandered around and found this bakery!

By the way, this was a Sunday and so many shops were closed!!!

This bakery had so many delicious looking things, portions were generous, and everything was quite cheap! I didn't ask whether anything was vegan though.

Amanda's banana cake.

I bought this walnut coffee bread to eat on the night flight back the next day.

There were reduced-to-clear baked goods (NT10 each, about SGD$0.40, so cheap!!!!!) that had to be eaten that day. I bought these super fluffy (non-vegan) cakes to snack on.

Hehe super cute FamilyMart stickers! We shopped around at the convenience stores to kill time.

Then, we met up with the others and went to the About Animals cafe for lunch! They only open at 2pm. It's located near the iVegan supermarket. It's in some alley, so I had to use Google maps to find it! Somehow I couldn't locate it by typing in the address or the name, so I looked for it via Instagram - search for #動物誌 and use the location thing.

The exterior looks quite non-descript; I can't even tell that it's a cafe just by looking from here!

I knew about this cafe and the iVegan supermarket from my vegan friend Shimin (@shiminsuar on Instagram). Thanks Shimin!! :)

They've a small-ish selection of food and drinks - English menu inside.

This is so cute! ^^

At the top it says that if you don't want onions, you have to tell them. 
You can add NT40 to the purchase of any main in order to get a non-alcoholic beverage. We just stuck with the mains though!

They had cats too! There was another black one, I think.

They run away from strangers though.

Kimchi Burger.

Sesame Tofu Burger

Onion Mushroom Burger.

It came with a side of very crispy fries and fruit! I find the addition of fruit weird though. Especially since they left the skin on the (not-ripe-enough) kiwi... am I not the only one who loves eating kiwi skins?? Or are they just lazy to peel it?

I had the Onion Mushroom burger, but we tasted all the patties. I really think they all taste great!!
The 'flag' makes for a nice souvenir too ^^

Yes, it's a spelling error.

I love the simplicity of this place! 

Hmm sculpture of a man holding a dead chicken. What does it mean?

Then, we hopped on over to Cafe' Dog & Cats. It's at Zhi Shan metro station. Exit and turn right, and you'll see it immediately.

The interior is dimly lit, and it's quite cosy.

Huge cat mural on the wall!

The cafe only has one dog - hence the cafe name.

The pricing here (at least for drinks) is quite reasonable, if you take into account the 'entrance fee' to interact with the pets. Singapore also has a cat cafe, but there is a per-hour 'cuddle charge' and there's many negative reviews about how restrictive it is. ._.

My Kumquat Lemon Sorbet! It was delicious - a perfect balance of sweetness and tangy-ness!

As usual mine is the only drink without the cute stuff.

Most of the cats were sleepy or half-asleep. 

This dog Bembi is so cute and friendly!

Bembi is actually looking at a treat hehe.

There are treats on sale to feed the pets! ^^

Everyone's asleep.

No idea why they kept this bird in a cage though ><

I like her the most. Mini.

Mini is so white, so fluffy and so grumpy-looking!!!

Always giving the 脸 (black face) LOL 

This one (QQ) is so fun and playful!

Bembi was digging into the tiles o_o
He presented us with a blob of poo (on the floor right behind where my friends were sitting) not long after we sat down hahaha.

  花 (hua hua) finally woke up!

We're all actually wearing something animal related lols. You can't see my bunny sweater though!

There's also a book you can write in at the table on the left!

I hope it's okay that I photograph and share this photo! The doodles are all so cute!!!

We then headed to Longshan Temple night market. As it's name suggests, it's located at Longshan Temple metro station! You won't see it immediately when you exit the metro station, so it's best to just ask for directions! 

...Oh wait. The tourist map says that you can get there via the Longshan Temple Underground Shopping Bazaar. o_o

One of the first things I saw was steamed corn! And not just any corn, but PURPLE corn!! _

Of course I had to get it. This tastes like regular corn (as expected) but it wasn't as hot as I'd liked it to be.

This water caltrop looks like the horns of a buffalo. Lols I thought that it was some weird thing of animal origin but my grandma told me that it's some nut. I googled it and I found that people boil it, crack it open, and eat the insides. Interesting o_o 

You won't find many clothing stores here, but there's a wide variety of street food! There are also game booths and some other things (I can't recall what) on other streets.

This street is SCARY I tell you. Raw & cooked meat displayed on every stall. ><

Found some malt candy coated fruits at the main street! Sadly there wasn't any malt candy haw skewers D: That'll be the first street food I'll look for when I travel to Taiwan next time.

This cost NT100 - NT40 for the strawberry one, NT30 for the cherry tomato & plum one and NT30 for the pear one.

The strawberry one was my favorite! Once you bite through the crunchy sweet shell of candy, your tastebuds are greeted with the softness and juiciness of the strawberries!! 
As for the pear one.. have you seen such tiny china pears before?! :O They look so cute. But these are preserved pears and the seeds and core was annoying.

A rice dumpling stall! I think this is the first time I've seen these kinda dumplings at the night markets. Vegetarian options are clearly marked.

I bought a red bean dumpling for NT25.

I expected it to look like this but IT DIDN'T!!! It was the yellow kinda dumpling (I hate the taste of the yellow stuff, the same stuff they add to yellow noodles) with like a teaspoon of redbean paste in the middle -_- 

And then I bought some mochi!

I got a small packet of mixed flavours - peanut, sesame and red bean.

They were yummy!! ^^

Next, we headed to Taipei City Hall station to see Taipei 101. This picture shows a mall by the way.

Those bears are so cute!

We climbed up a flight of stairs to see if we could get a better view of Taipei 101.

It was obstructed by buildings -_-

So we walked and walked until we could get a better shot. I don't know why it looks hazy on my camera though. Not enough contrast.

We walked around in this mall - there wasn't much to buy. But there's lovely light decorations in front of the mall! ^^

This was the Dissapointing Dumpling.

Come back tomorrow for the final part of this Taiwan series! ^^

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