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Breakfast + recipe inspiration!

That's purple sweet potato adzuki bean bread with peanut butter, and barley grains with purple sweet potato puree, cacao nibs and soymilk. I finally pulled out these cookbooks from my bedside (they've been sitting there for over a year whoops)! This photo is from 2 weeks ago and up till now I've not tried any of the recipes haha.. but the photos are gorgeous to look at!! By the way, 6 items in this photo is from Daiso LOL

Dad surprised me a couple of days back because HE READ AN INGREDIENT LIST. TO CHECK IF IT'S VEGAN. OMG I've never thought that this day'll come! He still tries to persuade me to eat non-vegan stuff though lol

My family usually drinks unsweetened soymilk, and I've told my parents not to buy Nutrisoy's one because it has fish oil. This photo is from 2 years back:

But then, Dad checked the ingredient list before he bought it and apparently they changed their ingredients!!

It seems like they changed their formula with their packaging, but I've never noticed it previously! Note-to-self: occasionally check ingredient lists of items I thought I already knew

They use flaxseed instead of fish now YAY! Maybe vegetarians wrote in to complain or something hehe. ^^

I've got one last week of internship left and there's still quite a bit of work to do oh dear. Plus quite a few blogposts (with more content then this one) to write, hopefully by the end of the year!

EDIT: oh yes I forgot to add something that goes well under this title of 'Change'. Last week some people from Vegan Vibes (a festival that's taking place next year) went to recruit volunteers from my course (Nutrition, Health & Wellness in Singapore Poly)!! They were recruiting year 1s. Wow. Those kinda things didn't happen before. The students have (probably) understood what veganism is and that it's more than a plant-based diet! And maybe they won't think that vegans are (too) weird. Cool. 

Oh and I read from the newspaper (lol actually I only read TNP and the comics heh) just now that McD's sales are declining in America.

So yeah. Change

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  1. Hey!! Haha, I know this is random but I just applied for Nutrition, Health & Wellness in Singapore Poly and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get in! Can you tell me how the course is like? Because I'm still not entirely sure. Tyvm! :) ps. is it possible to go for further education and be exempted a year ?

    1. Hello!! So sorry I took so long to reply you! :x Could you email me at