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Cat & Fruit iPhone 5/5s cases FOR SALE

By 20:11

Aren't these the cutest phone cases ever?!

I especially love the Cat + Fruit one!!! I waited a month for these to come.. But my phone had a problem so I had to change it and I can't use these covers anymore T.T

Oh and I have a banana one too! The first 2 cases look a bit blue but the actual colour of the background is very slightly off-white/cream coloured. 

All of these iPhone 5/5s cases are brand new and in their original packaging. 

 1 for S$10 
2 for S$18
Prices are inclusive of normal postage in Singapore. Overseas mailing is possible too but you'll have to pay for the extra postage fees.
Get 2 or more and I'll give you some freebies too!

Payment via bank transfer. Drop me an email at if you're interested! 

I have 2 Cat + Fruit cases, 2 Fruit cases and 1 Banana case.

The Cat + Fruit and Fruit cases are made of hard plastic and the Banana case is bendable and slightly rubbery.

The packaging is so cute too T.T
Note that the Banana case comes in a different packaging!

Email me if you're interested! ^^


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