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EatPlayLove Craft Cafe @ Bugis

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EatPlayLove Cafe doesn't just offer food, but it also has lotsa crafty things - more on that later! Headed there on Monday to celebrate a friend's birthday and our final year report submission!

The decor is so nice!!! I forgot to take a photo of the shop front. -_- It's located about 10 mins (walk) away from Bugis MRT, at the Haji Lane area.

They take their last lunch order at 2.30pm; we arrived at 2.25pm phew. ^^; 

The food is mostly Western/Thai style. I think that there's only one main that's vegan-isable - the Basil Tofu, which is part of the $10 set lunch promo! 

Whoops this is the only photo I have of it. It came with an egg!!!! Which somehow I didn't realize because I didn't read the menu properly. Maybe because I assumed that Asian vegetarian doesn't come with egg, so I only checked for dairy sources. -_- So I gave it to my friend. Perhaps you can ask for it to be replaced with some salad?

The food looks quite little from the top but it was surprisingly quite substantial! Maybe because it was like really oily. Like both the basil tofu and fried spring roll were glistening. It tastes good though! Not as spicy as it looks I think.

I have this bad-table-manners thing I do where I'll move my oily food around the entire plate in order to spread the oil so that the food will have less oil. :x There wasn't enough surface area for effective spreading. The whole plate was coloured orange LOL. The set comes with a complimentary drink. I got the iced lemon tea which tasted ordinary. You can also get dessert at half price with the set! I think there's only one vegan dessert - mango sticky rice. Better than nothing!

And now, for the main reason why we came here: Shrink plastic charms!!! Okay this is just an example from one of the magazines provided but it's close!

First you buy some shrink plastic. We got the sandpapered one ($6. for an A4 size). Each sheet can be shared between 2-3 people if you're just making small charms!

Then you draw and colour on it using the markers/colour pencils provided. You can use the templates/magazines provided or google something and trace it from your phone.

We drew and coloured and drew and coloured for like 2 hours! Haha. They don't charge for the time spent for this. Just the materials (shrink plastic & bracelets/key chains etc)!

So I drew all these!

Oh yeah it's advised to draw the picture 4-5 times larger than what you want, because as it's name says, it'll shrink!

Then it goes into the oven! Timing is important for this. It curls up as it starts heating, once it's flat it needs to be taken out and flattened with a ruler. Here's my popcorn together with my friend's panda.

So I made 11 items. Each thing has a meaning/representation lol. They look 100 times cuter when shrunken!!!!!! I think I'll wear them as necklaces yay!

I realised that two pink smudges under the eyes make things with faces look so much cuter! And even if you're lousy at drawing or tracing, things look better when shrunk - like my teapot looked bleh but I guess it looks kinda cute now? Haha 

We each bought a bracelet for $2 to hook the charms on to.  Each bracelet comes with one ring (jump ring) for the charm, and additional rings are available at $0.10 each. We decided to buy the rings elsewhere.

So we ended up spending more than 5 hours there (2.30-7.45pm). Haha it was a fun and fruitful afternoon! We all wanna go back to make more shrink plastic things! My friend said that she'll find and print some templates before she goes. Which is a great idea. It'll be good to bring some black fine-tipped permanent markers too - those loaned to us were quite damaged.

28 Aliwal Street
Aliwal Arts Centre
Open 12pm to 10pm daily
Closed on Tuesdays
Kitchen closes 3pm to 6pm (last order 2.30pm), except weekends & PH

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