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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - Part 2: Shopping & Attractions

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Lol it's been over a month since I've been to Vietnam... so what I'm sharing here is all I can remember about this trip! ^^; And I titled this post Shopping & Attractions but there's only one non-shopping attraction haha!

Ben Thanh Market
There's lotsa shopping and eating you can do here at this famous market yay!

There's like lotsa made-in-vietnam (a.k.a not authentic) things for sale. I think I saw a tourist buying a pair of Nike Roche Run hehe. Make sure to bargain at least half of what the stallholder quotes. Like I got a pair of Vans for 25,000VND when the asking price was 55,000VND.

There's a lot of shops selling the same foodstuff - coffee, nuts, dried fruit etc.

These asparagus look so pretty!

Colourful beanzzzz

We decided to sit down for a dessert!

Lol the stallholder put a metal tray on two stools and called it a table.

They're all different things actually. The two on the left are coconut milk desserts and I don't know how to describe the ones on the right. The one in the bowl is some coffee caramel pudding that isn't vegan.

This was supposed to have durian but it didn't T.T

Lotsa fake flowers!

And lotsa street vendors!

Saigon Square
This place is much smaller than Ben Thanh market but still worth having a look! Because it's air-conditioned LOL. It just a short distance from Ben Thanh. If you take a taxi from Ben Thanh to Saigon Square make sure you go by meter because it's really cheap. You can't really bargain much here though, maybe just 10,000-20,000VND less.

Cuchi Tunnels
This is a tourist attraction that's located in Cu Chi. Which is part of Ho Chi Minh but it was a few hours drive away from where we were!

It was like the country side.

After getting lost a little along the way, we made it! This is the ticketing booth.

It was difficult to find where you're supposed to go. Like there were no directions or signs?? Maybe because most people come on tour groups?

Anyway the place to enter is behind this thing.

Ticket checking!

You get a sticker pasted on your body.

If you're wondering where there's so little people... I was surprised too! It was a weekend. Later on we joined a small group for the tour. There was a family of Singaporeans and a group of ang mohs. 

We went to this place listened to some of the history of the tunnels!

Our tour guide haha. This is the first tunnel. For all the tunnels, you can choose to go in or meet at the exit which is a very short distance away. 

Most of the tunnels just require crouching and not crawling on the ground. Phew. The steps to go in and out are really steep though! Oh yeah and some of the tunnels have bats. Like when I was going through one I felt a breeze directly in my face omg.

This is the most challenging tunnel I think. The challenging part is touching the sides of the rectangular hole when you go in LOL. :x I didn't go in btw. But it's cool to see your head sticking out. My dad and cousin did and supposedly the inside is just the same as the other tunnels.

And then the tour guide showed us a patch of fake grass.

Such a scary trap omg you'll get speared to death.

And then at the end we get served some steamed tapioca with a savoury peanut dip! Yum. After I ate some I realised that the dip might have animal things in it. o_o I don't know.

When you go into the tunnels they're some statues of people like sleeping, having a meeting, eating etc. But this lady here is not a statue! LOL. My parents though she was hahaha. And mum said that the scarves look like Burberry.

You can shoot things too. But we didn't.

When you exit you'll see this abandoned-hawker-centre-like place haha. We were super confused about where to go to exit because there are NO SIGNS. Ugh. We met the other Singaporean family too and got confused together. Then asked someone and we got directed there.

Turn left when you exit the abandoned-hawker-centre-like place. Then at the end of this road is the place near the ticket checking booth.

So this Cu Chi thing took up close to a whole day!

Saw this on the way back. So cute!

Cho Tanmy
I think this is less of a touristy place and more of a place for locals! There was hardly anyone when we were there though.

Most stalls either sell clothes or shoes.

But the designs not nice one. o_o And it was super hot and stuffy there!

Fruit stalls beside the market.

So many grades & types of rice oooooh.

Sugarcane & lime drink.

So refreshing!

This is an abrupt end... but yeah. If you're going to Vietnam I hope these two posts have been useful somehow! We didn't do much else but I would've liked to spend more time shopping! And if you're going I hope it won't be suffocatingly hot like when I went. I've yet to blog about the vegan cafe located behind Ben Thanh market. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll have it out lol.

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