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January Favourites!

By 12:52

I'm starting this monthly favourites thing (again) and I hope that I can keep it up! Haha. 
Items aren't arranged in order.

1. Chocolate
I got the Alter Eco Dark Blackout chocolate from my previous iHerb haul. People commented that they love this and I can see why! It's super rich and dark, with a natural hint of fruitiness. I think it's called Blackout because... if you consider dark chocolate from brands/foods like Cadbury, Hersheys and Kitkat to be dark, you'll probably actually blackout from eating this. Lol. It's just 85% but it seems more intense than how I remembered Lindt's 99% to be... or maybe I'm remembering it wrongly. The texture is not very smooth, it's almost brittle and crunchy. The chocolate comes in huge squares too. Which means it can be finished very quickly! ^^;

The Sweet William White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate are much smoother, but also less rich. I never really liked white/milk chocolate before because they choke me with their sweetness. But this is not only vegan, but also not-too-sweet!! I prefer the white chocolate because somehow I expected the milk chocolate to be richer, but I had no expectations about the white chocolate. 

And expectations affect sensory perceptions - a line used quite often in my final year project lol. Submitted the report on Monday but there's still a presentation in 2 weeks' time! Then I'll be free!!

2. My first sprouts
My first sprouts, not counting those gross inedible ones grew on cotton wool when I was a kid. Sprouted these by accident actually! Soaked dry chickpeas overnight, drained them and left them in a covered container in the refrigerator for over a week. Cool! I cooked them though, because I was scared of poisoning myself haha.

3. Vegan birthday cake
This was for dad's birthday on the first of Jan. It's a 10" Blueberry Vanilla Cake. Mum and I ordered it from Kalavira and it's completely vegan! The whipped cream was impressive - like I always hated whipped cream but since this is vegan I loved it. Haha. The cake had a kinda huat kueh texture. Which I guess is good so my dad will huat (prosper) this year?? LOL

This was the first birthday cake I've eaten since becoming vegan. :x Because vegan cakes need to be ordered in advance and tend to be pricey. This year I shall get a cake for myself yes I shall!!!

4. iHerb Haul
I'll share more about this in another post, since I've barely tried any of these. I'm most excited about the hair dye and e.l.f makeup woohoo! This year I plan to swap as many of my skincare/makeup products over to vegan-friendly ones. ^^

5. My Go-to Smoothie
For breakfast on most days, I'll have cut fruits, nana nice cream or this smoothie. Which makes me feel really healthy because I'm having veggies at breakfast! ^^
The ingredients are:
3-5 frozen bananas
1-2 medium carrots
1-2 bunches of bok choy and/or 1 scoop of Midori Greens
1 knob of ginger
Juice of 3-4 calamansi limes
Cinnamon and/or chili powder

It should make about 1 litre. If I'm missing some ingredients then I'll just leave them out. This one in the picture doesn't have bok choy, so it isn't that green. I've made smoothies a few times with just frozen bananas, bok choy and ginger, and they taste good and are of a lovely green colour! Mum likes the taste of it too, surprisingly! But she thinks I'm crazy for drinking something so cold in the morning hehe :x

6. vegEMOJI
A super cute app developed by the Vegenaise people which lets you send emojis! Only available for Apple currently though, and it only works for iMessage, MMS and email.


7. Vegan New Articles
In this week's Mind Your Body page 6,  there's an article on raising vegan kids!

It talks about the health aspects and nutrients to take note of, and hardly anything about why a kid would be vegan and all. But that's expected because it's Mind Your Body.

Just a month ago (December 28, 2014) there was another article about vegan kids! Cool. I am almost expecting most people to know what 'vegan' means. Maybe next time there'll be an article on Why Veganism? or something. I can dream can't I

It seems like I read the papers but I only read these articles when mum told me about them haha.

8. Planner
I got a planner from Actspressions, at their booth at one of the Public Garden markets last December. There's lovely encouraging quotes inside, plus the typography is pretty! ^^

9. The Mortal Instruments
I'm currently reading this book series; I'm on book 3 (City of Glass) now. Lol I've watched the City of Bones movie before but I can barely remember anything! o_o I've been reading a whole lot more these few months as compared to the last few years... because of iBooks! It's super convenient because I can read on public transport and all. ^^ Plus I can immediately search for words I don't understand. Real books are nice but eBooks are much easier to work into my lifestyle.

Oh and The Mortal Instruments takes place (partially) in New York! Which reminds me - I'm going to NYC with my mum at the end of April woohoo!!!!! Super excited!!!!!!!! :D We've yet to plan much but we'll go to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, some Green Festival and to see sakuras. And eat tons of vegan food omg!

Can't wait for the next 2 weeks to be over! Have a good February!

P.S. omg I found out that my FeedBurner blog subscription thing wasn't working and just fixed it! :O 
Please subscribe! :)

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