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BrisVegan Fest 2016!

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Procrastinating studying so I guess I'll share about the BrisVegan Fest yesterday (instead of watching more shows lol)! I arrived at 10+ with a friend and it was SUPER crowded. 

There were food stalls, non-food (clothing, accessories etc.) stalls, an indoor space with talks being held, and a huge grass patch with live music. Everything's vegan so I was spoiled for choice wow. I don't think I've been to a 100% vegan fest before

Pardon the crappy photo quality (they're screenshots of my Instastory videos). It was really sunny so the first thing I got was a Chocky Timmy cone ($8) because vegan Tim Tams?! Actually it wasn't really the first thing I ate because there was a half hour wait. It tasted okay and not-too-sweet (there was only half a Tim Tam in it though) but I expected it to be a bit creamier?

Also Aquafaba meringue ($1!!!!)
Aquafaba is made from the water that comes in canned chickpeas by the way. This innovation has been around for years and I've never got around to making it myself. So this was my first time experiencing ~aquafaba magic~ and I'm surprised good it was! Doesn't taste like chickpeas or smell like farts (aka what chickpeas smell like when you open the can) by the way hahaha 

Super cute necklaces!
Was thinking about getting one after seeing it on FB but alas it was out of my budget

We also waited half an hour for the large Vegan One pizza ($13 - special price) ^^; 

If this was Singapore umbrellas would be covering the field LOL

Overall quite a lovely experience with great company but probably should've gotten there earlier because so many people!

Oh yeah and back in Singapore the Green and Healthy Festival was happening! Omg I love going for these kinda vegfests and I look for them when I travel because they didn't happen in SG and THEN the first year I'm not in SG it happens. Also it'll probably be held around the same time each year if it does continue (seems likely!) which means I'll miss like 2 more? Actually I've only been here for 6 months+ and suddenly it's like there're so many veg/vegan things I'm missing out on. Such as Souley Green and those cute vegan donuts from Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe! Major case of FOMO lol. (note to mummy: FOMO = fear of missing out)

I'll be back in SG in end Nov for summer break and I'll eat out so much and support vegan businesses haha. And perhaps make new friends and get more involved in the vegan community lol. Okay that sounds ambitious but I'll try ^^

(Also just realised that I'm a featured Instagrammer and Blogger on omg I feel so undeserving especially because I'm not in SG ;x)

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